The Hunt

The days of happily killing legions of Combines without difficulty are over.
Commence The Hunt.

You (and your friends) are one of the best soldiers of the Resistance. The Combine chased you through half a country, and they finally have you cornered here. They outnumber and outgun you.
How will you make it out alive?

Workshop link - Install-and-play version
GitHub link - Customizable version

What’s this?
It’s a wave-based, Players vs NPCs game that its about hiding from the combine and trying to kill them without being seen.

Stay out of their sight, hide in the shadows, kill them with melee weapons or silenced guns.

Where’s the weapons?
Around the map. There’s a list of weapons that spawn, one for every player on the map. Look around, they should be in tables, above crates and the like.

What happens if a Combine spots me?
He will call other combine to go to the exact position you are.

Silenced guns? Do normal guns alert the Combine?
Of course. They will rush your area if you dare to use a non-silenced gun.
Silenced guns will make nearby combine investigate the noise too, so beware.

What happens if I kill them?
Nearby combine will come to investigate.
If you kill them all, that wave will be defeated, and a new wave/squad will swarm the map. This will happen again and again until you kill enough combine. You can know the exact number by typing !remain on the chat.

What happens if they kill me?
Your weapons are all dropped and you lose one life.
If you have luck and the admin has configured multiple lifes for each player, you may respawn again. If not, enjoy the game through other’s eyes by right click.
You will know how many lifes you have remaining when you die.

Do I need to download anything to play?
The map and the weapon pack the server is using.
The game runs perfectly with the vanilla weapons, though.

F.A.Q./The guts of the gamemode

  • Enemies
    Not only metropolices and soldiers will hunt you. Some maps feature special NPCs, like snipers, rollermines, foor turrets or helicopters.
    A sniper can be killed with a crossbow or explosives. The ar2 orb gun works too.
    The heli will only take damage from the HL2 rpg, addons don’t work for now.
    Rollermines hate water and explosions.
    Floor turrets hate gravity.

  • Guarded places
    Some maps feature special places that have some awesome things like suit chargers, ammo crates… and Ceiling Turrets, too. They only take damage from explosions, but can be permanently disabled if you find the Combine Control Panel that disables them.

  • Darkness
    My old friend.
    You can hide in dark places. No NPC will see you if you stay there. Beware, as some weapons will make hiding difficult.
    A meter will tell you if you are visible or hidden.

  • Score
    The game tracks kills, silent kills, and deaths, and uses that information to calculate your score. 1 point per kill, 3 per silent kill and -2 per death.
    Type !myscore or !teamscore to see your score and your team’s.

  • Commands
    !remain: How many combine are around and how many you need to kill to win.
    !remove: remove your actual weapon. It will reappear somewhere else, with ammo.
    !drop: drop your weapon. Retains is ammo.
    !restart: restarts the game. No voting for now, the first guy who says it, restarts.
    !myscore: your score printed on your screen.
    !teamscore: all of your team’s score on a basic scoreboard. It doesn’t update automatically for now, only when you summon it.
    !help: opens this url.


  • Silent kills reward you with more than the combine weapons.

  • Always check before advancing. Enemies near where you’re aiming at will be outlined for your convenience.
    You can tune this with the clientside h_outline_radius command. h_outline_radius 0 disables it.

  • The Combine don’t really patrol a zone but travel between them using a random destination system, so discard memorizing patterns.
    They do only patrol between these destinations, so you can memorize where they never go instead.

  • Keep your ears tuned. You can hear nearby combine chatting and talking about their status in real time. You can even hear their footsteps now!

  • SLAM mines, bouncing grenades around corners, shots from the back and backstabs are all your friends.

  • Noise is your friend, too, as any prop that takes damage will make nearby combine to come to investigate it. Lure them into traps, one by one.

  • The combine can hear each other dying, and will come running if they hear a nearby comrade getting killed. If they have seen the dude being killed, they will directly come to you.
    So, separate them when possible, or at least kill them while noone is looking.

  • If someone spots you, kill him inmediately, no matter the weapon. Then find a hiding soon, as the area will be flooded with combine in seconds.
    You can start running around, too, as they are a little slower than you. But pray for not encountering more enemies where you are going or you will be easily killed between the two fronts.

  • The Combine will remember where they spotted you, and will patrol there too. The new patrol destinations can add up to ten, then they reset to make room for new, more recent spottings.

  • If you play with more people, work as a team and you all will do better. You can share weapons with !drop (or bind the command h_dropweapon to a key).
    FA:S weapons pack offers a way to heal others, just so you know.

About weapons

Weapons are a very important part of the game, so choose wisely wich weapons you want to fight the combine. A shotgun will make you the king of corners, but every single combine will know where you are. Silenced guns and tripmines require some stealthy and careful playstyle, but will maintain you alive forever if done well.

Although the game works well with the default GMod weapons, addon weapons add more variety to the overall game. I encourage people to add weapon packs to the game. The FA:S, Mr. Pyrous and Ender Mad Cows packs are supported and work great.

Test them on Sandbox and decide wich you want on your game, then edit the config file as described above.

Game configuration

The default settings allow you to play the game without worrying about configuration, its configured to work perfectly by default.
You can find the settings under the “Nº of players” section while you select the map.

Min. Enemies to win: When the number of combine on the map is below this, that wave is considered defeated, and a new wave w
Max. Combine help: Maximun of combine that will come to help the one who spotted you.
NPC damage multiplier: The damage dealt to NPCs will be multiplied by this. It’s on 3 by default as “fast kills” are best suited for this gamemode.
Player damage multiplier: The damage dealt to Players will be multiplied by this. It’s on 3 by default as “fast kills” are best suited for this gamemode. For the players too.
Combine give up time: A combine will stop chasing you if you stay out of their sight more than this number of seconds.
Player - weapons balance: posive numbers spawn more weapons than players, negative numbers spawn less weapons than players. It’s a good idea to leave it at 0.
Max RPG to spawn: If the game allows RPGs to spawn (there’s helis on the map) this is the number of RPGs it will spawn. No more.
Gunshot alerts NºCombine: How many combine will rush your place if you dare to shoot a non-silenced weapon.
Player lifes: Self explanatory. A player that wastes all of his lifes won’t be able to spawn anymore, unless the game is restarted.
Time between waves: How many seconds will pass between the wave defeat and the new wave kicking in. This time is crucial for players to regroup, gather items and heal themselves.
Combine limit: The players need to kill more than this number of combine to win the game.

Item customization

Luckily for you, this game allows players to customize what weapons/items spawn around.
You can do so there. Only on the GitHub version.
The configuration file is self explanatory, but i’ll resume what does there:

This config file has a lot of tables that look like this: NAME_OF_THE_TABLE = {“thing”,“another_thing”,“a_third_thing”}
Inside these tables you can put item/weapon classnames, so the The Hunt uses them instead of the vanilla ones.

  • The STARTING_LOADOUT table adds the casual element everyone loves in a shooting game. It lets you choose what weapons you spawn with. You need to activate it in the other config, mentioned above.

  • The MEDIUMWEAPONS table tells The Hunt what weapons it should spawn around. Normally, it spawns all the list of items for each player, so more items in will result in more items around.
    -The SILENTKILLREWARD controls what items a combine can drop if killed silently (not aware of you). It acts as a reward for players who play it stealthy. Note that not every combine will drop this. It’s only a 50% possiblity, as the other 50% involves a thing called item_dinamic_ressuply that makes sure you get health kits if you are badly injured, and ammo if you’re dry.

  • The DARK_WEAPONS and TOO_BRIGHT_WEAPONS ones control how hard is to hide with each weapon. Not really important, but they add a nice detail if configured.

  • The SILENT_WEAPONS control wich weapons WON’T alert combine when used. It’s already configured for a lot of weapons.

  • The SILENCED_WEAPONS weapons control wich weapons will make nearby combine investigate when used. Add here weapons wich only have one mode: silenced. Any weapon that can switch between silenced or not, it’s already added to the core code so it works like intended in each mode.

  • The SECONDARY_FIRE_WEAPONS control weapons that have a loud secondary fire and therebefore will alert combine.
    The ONLY_PICKUP_ONCE table makes the weapons conained here unable to pick up if the owner already has it. Useful for knifes and other infinite-use weapons.

Note: Weapons that don’t use ammo (like the NyanGun) won’t alert anyone.
This cannot be changed for now. Code issues.


  • after-play Special mentions for people who wasn’t spotted in the entire game.
  • after-play Special mentions the player who inflicted most damage to the Helicopter.
  • basic map vote system.
  • custom hud that will show your statistics in real time.

Workshop link - Install-and-play version
GitHub link - Customizable version

This gamemode would seem like alot of fun. I do like what I see, also the idea is just amazing, well to me it seems amazing. I do not know about anyone else but this would look like fun just to play anyone agree?

I like the looks of this.

Nookyava, if you are reading this, what do you dislike about this? At least its not another RP gamemode

The video carries no message for me. Just some combines killing some civilians. No offense, but I would like to see you demonstrate specific features.
For example:
“I just shot a combine in the back. You can see passing the message. The combines have finished forming a squad and now advance.”

“I ran away, now they check the last position they saw me and return to hunting.”

The idea sounds really great, but the video demonstated nothing.

That’s because the assistance system works but there’s no sounds (or anything else) that evidences the behavior. I plan on making it more ovbious when they spot you and call for backup.

Also, the video it’s oudated and done only to show my friends about the gamemode. I will make a ‘Features’ video soon.

Anyway, I think it’s pretty ovbious that the all the Combine you see in the video are always moving around (searching), and, on 0:19 its pretty clear that only one Metropolice notices the citizen and the second one quickly abandons it’s walk to run to the Citizen spotted by the first Metrocop. It’s even more ovbious on 1:32, where you can see a Combine coming from far away to attend the other two, being four Combines at the end of that ‘fight’. When they kill the citizen, they spread and resume searching for more enemies. On 3:44 you can see a citizen hiding from a Sniper, and a Rollermine going to him to try and take him out of his hiding spot. It suceeds, and the Sniper kills the Citizen when he pops out.

The second part of the video it’s a failure, it’s the Combine Elite Soldiers showing that they have better aiming and they use the combine energy orbs to kill their enemies, but the squad system isn’t shown efficiently.

Give me some time and I will release a ‘demo’ version in wich you can see the features for yourself.

Thanks, would be good if it was written in the video.

Looking forward to the demo.

Another quick video. Currently I’m trying to have all the NPCs working properly, one of wich give me problems is this little blue combine bird. Here’s how it goes so far:

Is that spotlight put in by you? I’ve never seen a heli with one

Yeah, it’s mine. I try to add inmersion this way. Also, you can now calculate the position of the helicopter by the shadows it draws, wich it’s useful. Some soldiers will have them too, but only on dark maps/areas.

I’ve realised that the stealth it’s almost impossible unless I give the enemies some visual/audio effects that display their position before you actually see them, and this is my solution. There will be ones that will have laser scopes, you will see the laser before the soldier shows up, but that soldier will have perfect aiming.

I’m preparing a demo with a Helicopter combat map and a Combine stealth map. By the end of this weekend it should be uploaded and finished. I already tried sharing it with a friend and it works well, so I don’t expect compatibility problems.

All righty guys, here’s the demo:

Due to this gamemode requiring a nodegraph for the maps, I included the nodegraphs you need to make the maps work properly. There are two folders: the gamemode and the nodegraphs. Drop one in garrysmod/gamemodes and the other in garrysmod/maps.

You will need to download the maps from the workshop. There are three in this demo.

gm_excess_construct_13 - Features different types of enemies, including the Sniper, Manchacks and the Combine Elite Soldier.
ttt_subway_b4 - Combine Soldiers only. You need CSS and HL2:EP1 to view all the textures, but works without them too.
rp_fs_coast_07_003_pak - Combine Soldiers, Mines and a Helicopter that flies without air nodes. I used the Silverlan’s Nodegrapth Editor and didn’t know how to make the Helis follow the air nodes, so I made up a system on the fly. It works. More or less.

Please, post your opinions about this when you have played the maps. I need to know if people like this or not, and why.

I guess it’s because people here have seen much shit like this in the past and don’t believe I’m making anything decent. I’ve seen a lot of complains about gamemodes copying the RP gamemode function by function.

And, for you, MuffinZerg,

Soon (in a few hours maybe) I will come with a list of ideas I’d like to implement on this gamemode.
If you people have ideas (or maps that would work well with this gamemode) post them too!

I enjoyed the demo, and it was fun to try and sneak around but here are some suggestions if this gamemode ever gets off the ground:

-A class system would be a good addition.
-Being able to tell if you’re spotted or not would be great.
-Being able to escape the combines would be nice.
-The ability to know where teammates are and their status would be awesome.
-Rollermines destroyed on combine sniper death.
-You can’t pick up combine’s dropped weapons unless your class can hold them.
-A notification for when a wave has finished.
-Some background music.

It might look like this if it could be done:

For the markers to see where your teammates are, I think it would be better to do it PAYDAY style, with a simple halo around the player.

I don’t like the idea of premade classes. This adds an arcade feel to the game, wich would totally ruin the ambient, at least for me. I prefer that people form their own classes instead, searching for weapons on the map. You will be able to drop weapons for your friends, so people can share armory and decide wich player plays what role.

Haha, it was implemented already, but I encountered a big problem so I deleted it until I find a solution to it. I used the chat to tell if a player was spotted, but the chat said ‘X SPOTTED’ forever until the NPC loses the player. It was so annoying.

It’s already posssible, but I didn’t explain how the assistance system works, so people don’t know. When a Combine spots you, it makes other combine run to the position you were at that moment. If you kill the Combine and run away, the other combines will arrive at that point and resume searching on their own.

However, any Combine thats sees you directly wil start to cheat. He will see you no matter where you go. If he loses sight on you, it will know your position for atleast ten seconds, then fill forget you.
Source Engine’s fault. I will try to change this somehow.

Never thought of this, I will see how would this be implemented.

Rollermines are independent of the Sniper, they patrol on their own. The Sniper only uses them if he has an enemy AND a Rollermine happens to be around, so, if the Sniper dies, the Rollermine still can patrol and be useful to the Combine. There are no reasons for the Rollermine to be killed if the Sniper dies. They’re independent most of the time.

I don’t understand this. Why add such a limit for no reason?
A reasonable limit would be only 3 weapons and 5 RPG rounds per player, for example. It has something to do with weight. But, limit weapons? Why?

Already planned, but it won’t be something like ‘Wave ended’. When you kill 90% of the Combines, the Overwatch will say something backup related. That, or you will hear it from the last 10% of the Combine.

Already thought of this, but I think that will ruin the inmersion, too. This will be optional.

I like this idea. I don’t know how to do it, tought. I guess it’s a already existing function, like DrawHalo.

Thanks for the replies! The next version should come with sounds for the combine and two or three waves.

How about you just use simple hud drawing functions instead of using chatbox texts?

Yeah, much better. I need to learn how to do it, though…

It’s not only drawing the hud, it’s drawing it on the correct player at the correct time. I know nothing about doing certain things for certain players, for now, all the code is serverside.

This is really , really cool. I’ve only played it for a few minutes and I am already super excited for this! I think it could use a few more combine at the start though.

Also when I used ent_create to spawn in some FA:S weapons the model doesn’t show up in first person. It’s also the same with dual weapons. Just to let you know :slight_smile:

   draw.SimpleText(text, font, x, y, color, xalign, yalign)

Its as simple as googling

I have the function, I got it from the garrysmod wiki. It works, but i don’t know how to make it appear on the player that is spotted.

I think I know why that happened.

For my TTT Server I do this:

I have a string variable (By Default its “No one can see you.”)

I do an if statement saying if LocalPlayer is visible, then string variable = “Someone can see you!” end.
I then draw the variable

I think I know why that happened.

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I love it when facepunch randomly puts my message inside a quote -.-