The Hunted - Slightly Less-Generic Sneaky Spec Ops


Skip the short story/journal if you just want to get to the meat of things. If you do read the story, listen to this while doing it:


*Lieutenant Adam “Xanadu” O’Keefe, formerly 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment, Delta, currently Task Force 141
Operation “Swift Vengenace” - May 15th, 2016

General Shepherd will pay.

I’m leaving this note here, at TF141 rally point Zeta Golf 7-3, as a warning to whoever else it concerns. On a supporting mission in the Caucasus, we held down a secondary position while another squad from the 141 moved ahead to secure Vladimir Makarov. Our job was to cut off one of the roads leading to the estate, slowing the mercenaries’ reinforcements.

We were set up, every last one of us. Just when the air support came in and we thought we were home free, that scumbag Shepherd turned on us. Aeon was the first to call in the news, witnessing both Roach and Ghost’s deaths at the hands of the traitor. Then, before we new it, Aeon was down and we had this so called “Shadow Company” swarming over us like enraged fire ants. It was wholesale slaughter, and the only mitigating factors were Archer and Toad, who carried out a distraction and held off the Shadows. They didn’t make it.

That was nearly a whole month ago. I don’t know what’s happened since then, or if Shepherd hasn’t been killed by someone wise to the plot. Shadow Company troops are everywhere in this theater, combing the area in search patterns looking for us as well as whoever the “others” are. I don’t even know who’s left, apart from me, Xanadu, and my protégé Jack “Ice” Phillips. All I know is that that sleazebag is going down if a trigger pull is the last thing I do on this hellhole rock.

Even as I write this note, codename “Nikolai” is fueling up the chopper to take us to the Shadow Company HQ in Afghanistan. I don’t know if Shepherd is there; maybe we’ll only find death awaiting us. Perhaps we will be able to join the others and collaborate. Intel is scarce these days, and nothing is certain anymore. Except for one thing.

Whoever did this* will pay. Gutting the animal who did this will atone for the ruthlessly spilled blood of my brothers.

Or, if you prefer no bars and without my annoying watermark:

use a different host, the compression is driving me nuts.

posing looks off - left guy looks like he’s doing lunges (not about to lunge, there’s a difference), and right guy’s left hand… well, it’s doable, but it’s awkward. ‘bad guys’ are, as ever, apparently blind, deaf, and lacking of any sense of smell. the lighting is gorgeous though, do more of that.

I use Imageshack. What’s probably the issue is that I noticed afterwards that I forgot to up the jpeg quality from 90 to 100.

I admit, that guy’s posing looks terrible. He could be in the middle of going from one position to another (standing up quickly…?).

Quite. I had a horrible time even getting it to look that decent.

Sense of smell…do you mean they would smell of gunpowder? What if they didn’t shoot any before that point? I agree, though, they look deaf, but the guy against the chair is asleep AND looking away, and the guard further over is looking at something else.

The lighting was kind of an experiment. Thanks, I’m glad it wasn’t all a waste of time. Took me forever.

trust me, smell plays a huge role. people don’t even think about it but using shampoo within a few days of going into combat can and will get you killed, the scent lingers and it’s easy enough to pick up on.

as for the compression, quality 90 wouldn’t help any but imageshack definitely makes it worse. imageshack and photobucket are two of the worst offenders for compression.

Interesting…these guys have been on the run for a month, though (assuming MW2’s plot takes place in April, which is hinted to somewhere or another in the game). I doubt they smell great or had access to any sort of cleansing facilities other than a stream of some sort. Would body odor carry far enough to expose you too?

I thought I noticed a huge quality drop between the picture on my computer and the one posted…

Where else should I upload my pictures?

get a membership at imageshat and it wont compress and you can host as large as you want i hosted my 6000x1000 pixle behemouth and they didnt comperss it at all and trust me ive covered wars ya nkow and i know compression buster

it depends where they’ve been and what the place they’re attacking smells like. if there are enough masking smells, they should be right; if it’s got barely anything, there’s a fair chance someone will pick up on something.

I really like the atmosphere and the shadows.

The posing just needs a little work on some parts but its pretty decent.

Thanks. There’s a few parts that I could’ve spent more time on…

Expect more of these. I might branch off into an alternate plot series that involves Shepherd surviving a bit longer (though I don’t think I’d rule out Soap or Price as being alive or using them in future poses).