The Hunter Waits... (Genericness to the max!)

The Hunter Waits…



Looks good.

Thanks. :geno:

Oh wait sorry, i’m not acting like everyone else

Hurr Durr if he waz a good snipah he’d totally be proned right now 'cause he is like totally expoosed!!! Realism fags ftw.

Sorry, I was just excepting a bit of criticism. There has to be SOMETHING wrong I should improve on.

It’s kind of a simple picture, but a very well made simple picture. If i had to comment on anything, i’d say the ugly tree, but thats nothing you can change unless you are handy with photoshop.

Well, thanks! I agree on the tree. I guess if I criticized myself, it would be some isolation errors.

Not bad. You messed up the isolation on the feet though.

Like I said on my other post, messed up on some isolation spots. V:v:V

Just cheat like i do, set a camera so it doesn’t move the angle, take 1 picture normal and the other picture as it set to Material -> White, Colour -> bright green. That way you can magic wand the isolation in the click of a mouse.

Thanks! :buddy: It’s always the simple tasks…

Just because i gave critisism doesn’t mean i’m not going to stop posting. I’m bored.

Not bad, too bad Source trees are so ugly :frowning:

Didn’t you replace a tree in a snowy picture a long time ago?

… Or was it a dream?

yeah I did cause they were so fugly

Your so fugly.

Mmmhmm i said it!

Anyhow, did you remove the tree altogether or just plonk the other one on top? I was impressed when i first saw it and never got around to asking how it was done

I was expecting a L4D hunter, hell, I even had a reply for it… “It reminded me of 99% of The Combine poses”.

Looks simple.

Thank you?

There arent many ways to fuck up when you do something simple tho, try doing something more exciting or interesting next time.

PD: Exciting/interesting does NOT mean a picture with an extremely flashy editing, you can do something really nice fully ingame.

tho posing is awkward