The Hurt Locker

The edit ruined it I think. Orgy=null


Misleading title got me. Face posing is epic.

I don’t… this… it’s both funny and really weird at the same time. :v:

Ok I walked right in to it. Just saw the movie. I really should have seen this coming. Pretty funny:smile:

did he uhh… break his jaw?

Good question

Haha, awesome.

Funny stuff, man.

hurt locker used force punch.

I should’ve expected something like this.

The Oscar goes to, The Hurt Locker!

oh sorry, my mistake

i must be missing some information cause this doesn’t make any sense to me, but i still love it, looks awesome

It’s a play on words. People were supposed to expect a pose about the oscar-winning 2008 movie The Hurt Locker, but instead they got Nick about to hurt a locker.

i seeh

Exactly what I was thinking of. Only I was gonna post a hurt locker and this would of been another omfg its another bomb with a timer run!!!

This made me lol :smiley: