The Husband

Okay, so, I’ve never really read a comic before (I looked at one or two on here) so I’m not really sure how well this will turn out but they looked fun to make so I started one! I actually wrote a short story a long time ago so I’m just going to use that… I’m not sure how well short stories transition into comics (Especially considering I’m not a very good writer) but we’ll see!



Seriously, what, I don’t get it.

lol, there’s nothing to get, not yet! I’m wondering if I needed to change the layout of anything before I continue! ):

(Is the text hard to read?)

The white text against the bright green background is a little hard to read, and the text layout in one of the boxes is a little hard to make sense of (I guess I hadn’t completely…).

I would praise the posing, but there’s really not much to comment on here. If you’re considering expanding on this and making it a tad more accessible, then I’m looking forward to it.

Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I needed to know! I edited the first picture thing and added a second, though it’s only a very simple pose and text! :v: