the hylian workshop: zelda items for gmod w.i.p.

Q: What?
A: I’m planning to do most items from zelda games (from ocarina of time to skyward sword) for gmod. Yeah, that includes the masks of majora’s mask (which can be ported to tf2 by somebody more competent than moi).

Q: Why?
A: Because we can’t port everything and sometimes ports look awful compared to newer models.

Now working in: The explosive pack (bomb bag, classic bomb, flower bomb, powder keg and bombchu)

Ooooh!, sounds interesting.

I think people would like to see the items from the 3DS Ocarina of Time, due to the models in that being upgraded and all.

But I don’t know if people can rip models from the 3DS just yet, I’m guessing Emulation for that kind of thing has barely even started.

Well, I know I said I was working in the explosives pack… but I started making the bomb bag and… this happened:

So, yeah, I’m releasing them soon.

sorry for the self bump but: we are getting somewhere:

I like the way the Goron Bracelet looks, although I’d have to say the Bomb Bags look like they’re made out of stone. Can you change it, or were you aiming for that kind of look?

Mmmmmh… you are right, I’ve to edit them to give their textures a more leather feeling.

Thank you!

This is a most noble effort. I await more content. Good work.

Good so far.