the hypercube

credit for hypercube model goes to MarkJaw


Thats some bad posing you got there.

I rated you artistic because I just watched the movie

im trying to get pepole to comment so i can learn to make not crappy poses

I know, but I don’t know what to say. Well uh Kleiner’s back looks like its broken, so does his neck. Alyx look pretty good actually and the citizen doesn’t look right, his neck look’s strange and his posture is awkward.

Turn up all of your graphics and use a better map. The camera angle can use some work too. And make sure you don’t use in-game blood.

If he wants to do a “The Cube” based picture.

There IS no other map to use.

I use in-game blood on all my screenshots because i’m horrid at Photoshop and GIMP. You can always go on and get new materials for blood.

It looks like shit.

It looks like the cube from the movie.

fun fact: this shot was taken in the white room in gm_construct, and yes applemaster, kliners neck does look broken

I know it’s a scenebuild (the phong on some of the models). And I have to admit, it’s a pretty damn good one.

just some other hypercube pics


photoshoped to get rid of green ring

Turn up JPG quality.

Why did you upscale the picture? :raise:

i dunno, who here thinks that i improved fom the opening pic to the second set?

The security gaurd’s arm seems a bit like it’s stretched too far out. When you’re posing, think about how a real person looks in that position. Pay attention to lighting and visual effects too, because those are huge. You really wanna simulate a mood or something, because just using a maps standard lighting just doesn’t cut it. You usually gotta spawn some lights here and there or just whatever to get a good pic.