The idea for a syringe

Saw your update No. 9 immediately thought about adrenaline, if you are going to use the syringe for processing, the adrenaline can instantly restore your health, I think the adrenaline must be expensive to make!

i like the idea of a stimulant, but harvesting adrenaline in this kind of situation would be hell, never mind doing it cleanly enough that it wouldn’t introduce bacteria into the bloodstream when administered. that’s not to say it couldn’t be found but i cannot see it being crafted at all.

maybe a herb of some kind that increases speed for a little while or something, but costs hunger and thirst.

So you want Cocaine in the game?

there is concern in the use of Adrenaline, put the interval to 300 seconds between use, if you are doing something that will increase the speed of the cheaters it will only be at hand. if you take the adrenaline will take place earlier than 300 seconds, you will die. I think that would be great!

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if you take 2 of adrenaline, will overdose, just human heart would break, so many adrenaline


you gotta admit, if we can grow trees/plants in future updates(hoping), it creates a whole new commodity and moral debate in the game that lets you eat each other;)

“Hang on guys, just let me shoot up real fast so I don’t get any withdrawal when were out hunting.”

just suggested the idea until it is in my head, not to forget her offer.

Could use them to knock people out unconcious, to rob them and of sort’s but not kill them.

Or maybe posion there food supply, make them sick… etc… The possibilites are endless!

Also a good idea, tied up, dragged to the base in a cage planted xD

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how about a piece of pipe, and dart. to kill silently, quickly, without damage!

Rustlumbian Drug Cartells incoming… :pwn:

Raw ephedra might be a good start. Pick it and chew for small boost. Distill/concentrate for a bigger boost.

Speaking of stills … still +berries = booze.

Alcohol being a light to heavy anesthetic, with potentially strong side effects, depending on dosage.