The Ideal Island Escape Teaser Trailer

This is a trailer for another project I recently began working on “The Ideal Island Escape” (name subject to change). Enjoy!

Edit: For any of you who are wondering, this does not mean Miami Vice is cancelled.

You’re pretty busy with all these movies huh? Looks nice, but I was expecting a bunch of far cry looking bad guys to just pop up with assault guns and stuff. Looks like something may happen though, based on the creepy sound effect at the very end…

Is this gonna be your competition entry?

No, this is a different project. I have Intrusion, Miami Vice, and The Ideal Island Escape in the works right now. Intrusion is almost completed though, that will be done by the end of the month.

And to Wolf, something will happen. Trust me.

Edit: and Wolf, It won’t have any bad voice acting like Far Cry (1) did. “Huh? WHAT WAS THAT? I THINK I HEARD SOMETHING!” or “HOW DO YOU LIKE THESE APPLES?”

Did you use the Catmull Rom cameras addon?
And what did you use to record with? because that camera addon fucks up source recorder bigtime for me.

Fraps is the recording device, and Catmull-Rom cameras is what I used. If SR fucks up with Fraps, try using Moving Camera tool. A lot shittier, but it still will do the job.

I’m almost 100% positive that you used the npc camera too as well, if not in this video, than in that Miami Vice clip.

When he talked about missing the raiders game I just screamed at my monitor:



And to Wolf, I did not use NPC camera. I have never bothered with using it. It isn’t used in Miami Vice, either, lol

You don’t know the male model your using in this movie is a member here’s, Reflectent, personal skin model, correct?

Yes, I know… I saw his name when he uploaded it to That doesn’t mean I can’t use it in my film.

-What type of movie is it, A love story or horror?
-The sound at the end indicated that its a horror movie, but if it is, you have completely fucked up your teaser, because I see no action nor horror. Ill I see is 2 people talking about boring subjects.
-A teaser should show some action and clips through out the movie and make people want to watch it, not the beginning part with a couple talking.
-Garry’s mod is really only good for 2 things- action and comedy. Your atomic riders videos are good, but this, sadly, is not.

This is all just constructive criticism, for your benefit, so, please don’t bitch about it

It’s not exactly going to be a horror movie, more of an action, borderline horror genre. Also, a teaser trailer is different from a regular trailer. A teaser is just an excerpt from a movie, it doesn’t NEED to tell the viewer what he’s going to see. A normal trailer is more of a defined example of the movie.
And regarding the action and comedy statement, I believe that to be untrue. I’ve seen quite a few horror short films (that Police break-in video was one of them,

Instead of criticizing what I SHOULD have had in the movie, what ABOUT the movie do you think I did badly?

Why don’t you just take it like a man


I don’t mean to troll but really, you need to have a better outlook on your CC. People will say that it’s bad. They’ll say that it’s good. Some will even write a page long essay about how you should have included boobs in your film. All these must be accepted. The best response is, “You’re entitled to your opinion”!

He’s entitled to his own opinion; does that mean I’m not entitled to mine?

And anyways, please contribute to the thread.

Lol reflectent, but pretty nicely done there dude

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Stfu, I just did :v:

I gave you advice. Don’t bitch, just take it!

If I gave my contribution this would turn into another rant thread like poor scoutking

R.I.P Scoutking :frowning:

Holy shit…

You the man with the plan faolco1 and dats why you have the most subscribers out of all of us next to DMG (I think/I dont know fo sho).

But I’m getting more subscribers everyday (88 so far without the help of Since I said to subscribe for entire team is babies 3 (gona be fucking pro) on the first 2, I have gotten 26 subscribers in 5 days :open_mouth:

But seriously, you are on a level of machinima making, higher then 95% of people who post :smiley: