"The Ideas Guy" Thread v0.1

This is intended to be a place for everyone, coding-literate or otherwise, to post any ideas or concepts they might have for addons, SWEPs, STOOLs, gamemodes, or any other random gmod-related stuff. The best and most creative ideas may be added to this post.

Remember: don’t crap on somebody just because their idea is impractical or even impossible to code in the current game. That doesn’t make the idea itself bad; it just means that whoever came up with it is not necessarily acquainted with the finer aspects of content creation. However, do feel free to crap on genuinely dumb posts.

And one other thing: you are free to attempt to actualize any idea posted here without permission unless SPECIFICALLY stated by the poster.

I’ll start off with something that I believe might be possible: a twin-stick shooter, akin to geometry wars. Yes, I know this has already been done with Gmod Tower’s Zombie Massacre, but I think a dedicated, more fleshed out gamemode would be extremely fun. You could probably even code in support for xbox controllers. Now THAT would be fun.


Some kind of single player mission creator tool I would like to see. Building the level out of props, then controlling
the gameplay with logic gates and other stuff, kinda like Infamous 2’s UGC.
Tried to do something similar to this with Wiremod. But there was always something I couldn’t do with Wiremod.


It’s just an idea for a thread :slight_smile:

I have this cool idea but I can’t tell you in case you steal it, sorry!

a roleplay gamemode where you can choose a job, buy a house, drive cars, and sell drugs

hit me up on steam if you plan on doing it


Never heard of it, link?

I honestly cannot tell if you are serious or not.

That doesn’t look like anything I had in my mind. In my version you can choose from custom playermodels and weapons and even be a hobo.

Again if anybody uses this idea make sure to credit me.

A tool that allows you to hide saves, dupes and server content packs from the Workshop


Dupes are literally the only reason I play gmod anymore. All the sex scenes and exploding buildings you need.

I’ve always had this idea of a not-so-realistic SWEP pack with over the top weapons and stuff, it’d probably stand out more than those hyperrealistic COD or Battlefield weapons.

Interactive Rape SWEP in first person :v:

Edit: Also I plan to make a nice Halo 5 (yeah) HUD going off of trailer examples.

wheelchair rally 2015

I’m confused. You can do this in DarkRP. You can be a hobo, and choose your models.
You can add jobs, and models, and weapons easily.

i’m surprised you haven’t noticed he’s joking

I really… really… hope that you can detect sarcasm…

I couldn’t tell, I thought he was but you never know, some people could still be playing sandbox all these years.
But then again, if he knew what a RP gamemode was I assume he would know what DarkRP is.