The ideas

Hello Guys,
So I have played Rust a bit and would like to share the ideas.

  1. In a late/middle game, when you have your own hose/castle it’s really dark in the night period. To make your place a bit lighter player need to craft bonfires. We have torchlights, however practically almost no one using them in the game. I would suggest to add the torchlight holders. You could put them in the middle of the wall and it should help players to make the house lighter as well as craft torchlights.

  2. Next thing is a paper. We have a paper, why not to add a pencil and allow the players write down messages (we could craft it with charcoal and wood or something like that). It would be a fantastic way to leave a note in the house when you are raiding it.

  3. Leather! In a late game you have plenty of it. Why not to add the wooden spike cover? Let’s say to craft a small wooden spike leather cover you need 250 leather / large one 500 leather or something like that. Also the cover should have some time before will disappear.

Some more suggestions:
grass.on false – grass in this game is an element of cover, when a player using this command in some way this is a cheating.
Same thing about the monitor gamma. Lots of players are increasing their gamma to see everything thru the night. I would suggest to add your own gamma in the game. It should to prevent from using this “cheat”

  1. We had a good talk about Wall covers last time. So noone can peek thru.
    Grass, while I do agree with you, not all players have as good computer as we have, you cant force them to play with 10FPS or buy a new computer. The dev team is working on the grass issue though.
    The Gamma thing would be easy to fix. I remember another game, where at night, you would turn up gamma to see everything. The dev team fixxed it with some sort of fog/dust during the night, which was not visible to the players unless they fucked around with gamma settings.

Agree, the grass is a real fps killer at this moment.