The Illusive Headhack (request)

Hello everyone, i was wondering if someone could help me to make a simple headhack, nothing too fancy.
What i’m requesting exactly is the the Illusive man head, on a Resident evil agents body(Both links bellow) so i could use it
for a couple of gun/squad poses etc.

And if possible, a helmet bodygroup if you can but this is optional.
If somebody could help me with this it would be really appreciated.


[img_thumb][/img_thumb] Agent Illusive Man


might want to check the links before you request, both links are 404

They seem to be working just fine for me. Well, half of the RE stuff, at least. :v:[/t]

Like I said, half of the RE stuff is still working. I might actually have the Illusive Man and the RE agent models laying around somewhere on one of my spare drives, so I’ll take a look around.

Fixed the link to the Agent model, not sure what to say about the Illusive man though.

I guess you could say he’s being illusive.

Here is TIM, managed to locate him in my files:


Had to edit the urls, so bump