The increase of fullbright maps in this section...

Recently we have been seeing an increase of fullbright blocky maps in this section. They can range from issues with the map that were never dressed before release, or simply ignorance.

Surprisingly it’s been a whole 2 years since i have complained about this, but this year has been particularly bad. Now, FP already has a reputation for releasing sub par maps, and these are only adding to the pile.

Now, as a mapper myself, i understand that the first map you make is always the greatest thing since rp_cscdesert. However if it doesn’t follow basic rules, chances are you will get a negative response from the more experienced ones here.


  1. Lighting. Fullbright is not an option anymore. Fullbright is where you have no lights in the map and everything is lit equally. This means there is no gradients of lighting, or shadows. Light models should be added to give the light some form of source.
  2. Leaks. I once saw a map that was released with no skybox…at all. The guy has compiled it and it looked out into the void. I have seen so many people on here posting that their top surface of water isn’t showing, even though there is a fairly large LEAKED message in the compile log.
  3. Purpose. What is the purpose of your map. If it is a build map it needs a variety of large open spaces and build areas or different terrain types. If you are building an rp map, it needs buildings. If you are doing a combination of the two, it needs a bit of both. The purpose should fit the map.
  4. Blockiness. Just above the vertex editor is the clip tool. I strongly suggest you use it.
  5. 3klikksphilips tutorials. Burn them. Whilst he does teach people how to map, he teaches some of the most idiotic methods and gets confused with clip and carve.
  6. Carve. NEVER CARVE. It messes up brushwork.

Of course, if you think that you are the greatest mapper ever, i have found a technical hand in gm_orbit v3, and several issues with evocity. No map is bug free, and every map has issues. Of course if the greatest mapper ever is ego alone and you don’t feel you need to follow those guidelines, any subpar maps you do release will get the same list.

Of course the most important thing is this…


No one person is alike. People spot things others miss. If you compile everyone’s advice you can eventually come out with a good map.

LukeNaesa is a prime example of this. Two typical fullbright blocks, following up with an amazing looking spacebuild map, because he took the crit.

Now, there are tutorials at the top of the page, so any new mappers should really be looking at those before asking stupid questions…or releasing fullbright blocky un-thought out maps.

EDIT: oh, as for edited maps, ask the author first, don’t just decompile them. If the author want to they may give you the vmf. If they don’t want you making changes, then don’t. Chances are you will ruin it through your thoughtlessness.
Reference to a version of cscdesert that added (combine) walls to the town because “they were fed up with it not having walls”.

Wasting your time bro.

Probably, but you never know. May save one person from the dark side of mapping.

The only way to stop 3klikksphilip is by stabbing his friends and family. He seems relentless to continue his rampaging run or incorrect techniques.

Call 4chan on him to spam his horrible tutorials with offensive content ratings.

An ounce of nitroglycerin in his chair should do the trick.

I’d prefer to choke his neck with my bare hands and nothing else.