The Incredible Amazing Contest of DOOM: SCENE BUILDING

1st Place: Joazzz/pMnky

What’s this? A tie? Correct. Both Joazzz and pMnky had very natural looking builds, with not much looking out of the ordinary or as not part of the map. The reason they tied is because, while pMnky’s picture may be much more atmospheric, Joazzz’s build was far larger in scale and more complex, while still keeping a natural look.

2nd Place: Jenkem

Jenkem’s posing, editing, and building were all top notch. The atmosphere fits perfectly with the theme of the picture. The only thing keeping him from first place was that his build was just a little too simplistic. He resorted to the old “rubble for ground” method, rather than attempting to build a street.

3rd Place: Saucey

Saucey squeezed in 3rd place with one of the most complex builds of the lot, the only thing keeping him from scoring higher was the lack of atmosphere or proper posing.

Congratulations to all who won, and thank you to all who participated!

UHHH can I enter old ones?
If not can I judge?

Are you a madman?!

Oh yeah, I sure got some old ones

Updated, no old ones. Forgot to put that in x.x

Oh, can I use the one I just made a thread for?

Where’s Chesty’s?

Never mind.

The author’s names are below their pictures.

Also, updated to include the end date.

I have a feeling none of the judges are gonna consider this entry but, ah well. DO IT FOR TEH LULZ

and the early Russian snow falls
and the build…

god damn you Vman, you issue the one thing that i have zero skill at.


Try it! It’s not as hard as you think! Besides, I didn’t want to do something boring like just have a subject that you need to pose, this is to experiment with things you may never have tried before (believe me, scene building is a very handy skill)

I might try. I might fail, but I’ll still try.

Jeez I wish I had my new computer I ordered so I could do this…

I think I’ll try this, I’ve never really done a scene build before but we’ll see how I do.

i spent the past three hours trying to build a cafe and it come out worse than i had imagined it, and this isn’t the first time i’ve tried scene building. when velix started doing it i tried a go at it. let’s just say the destruction party of them was the best thing out of it.

And god dammit your avatar keeps reminding me of techno viking :v:

That’s cuz it its :3:

I think I’m not even gonna try…

lol sneaky sneaky

I might enter this contest after all. Only in-game editing.

Other angle is here.

Map was the good old Freespace03.

That’s amazing, Joazzz.