The Incredible Hulk.

Basicly that, the incredible hulk, from scratch or from a base model.

NOT A SKIN, if i could find a model to simply skin i would of done it by now.

Also, bodygroups for pants color (purple suit ish pants, blue jeans, black pants) and skingroups for the skin colors,
Red, Green, Grey.

And the abomination if possible:

With deep leaf green skin or yellow green like in the pics, and an optional blue skin group to resemble A-Bomb.


As I recall, someone made an Incredible Hulk skin for the Tank…
I haven’t checked it out personally, but perhaps it may suit your needs?

Yeah the abomination rocks !

Already seen it.

Personally, its TOO big, and it just doesnt look like the hulk much, the hulk as you see, its you know, a giant green man who looks like he’s on steroids, not like the tank, with those huge ass meaty arms and, in comparison, chicken legs.

Plus the lack of a jaw.

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For some reason, i always preferred Abomination without the tights.

I mean, he has no genitalia, why wear em? Makes him seem more monstrous.