The Infamous Hangar Glitch

If you came here to learn how to do a glitch, just quit rust.

This is an example of how big of assholes people are.

This guy glitched in a tank, killed shit loads of people, and i just want him banned.

OK uhmm he glitched but…maybe explain why you use No recoil ?

I mean , it’s obvious when you shot him , and when you shot the box . Absolutely no vertical recoil of any sort .

It’ll be ironic if you get vac banned xD

I always wondered what “no recoil” was when people were talking about it in game. Now I know.

Yea… that’s not how it’s supposed to be when you shoot something. Son, I am disappoint. Would be hilarious if you both got banned.

This guy’s name is Revo, he plays on our server, he low-key toggles no recoil. Was going to post this in his ‘Banned from server’ thread or whatever its called, but considering someone already called you out, thought I would say it here.

that 50 second mark at that box though! lol.

I don’t know who to put this.

It is called recoil control

And you see the vertical recoil.

I practiced the recoil strength against a wall until i learned to control it.

And TheStevieJ idk what to say about you, you killed 3 of us under 2 seconds with all headshots.

If you want proof add me on skype i can share the screen and do that no recoil thingy how you call it.

My skype is djole.nbanja

$5 says he’ll takes the video down

Too late :v I already downloaded the video just for the lulz.

Also 10$ he wont just because you said he would take it down. :zoid:

I have no reason to take my video down, i know that i am not no recoiling, and why in the world would i show it on the video if i was?

hahaha dat no recoil XD

Are you serious -_-

Naw, I think this kid will panic once enough people see this video and pull it down. Who wants the interwebs to see your shame right?! And once he does, I hope you repost it… just for the lulz of course.

Recoil strength in a video game? Really? Someone needs to explain this to me.

Recoil strength is the amount of recoil a gun has.

Let me reiterate. How can you practice recoil strength in Rust, a computer game where you don’t physically feel the weight of the gun or the actual recoil when you shoot it. And to get to the point of shooting it in game and not having any vertical movement.

You got like that from shooting at a wall? I really can’t believe that.

In all of my video’s you can see my recoil, you can see my aim, the difference between us is I am legit, you are a scum bag, Ironic part is at the end of your video you state how hackers ruin the current game or something, I could not agree more. Get out. You’re obvious.

Just fuck off, this world has enough of ignorant people like you.

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You practice by checking how much your aim goes up, how much time it takes for it to finish going up, and what lenght, then you do the same, at least you try but reversed.

Okay, I hope VAC catches up.

Nothing to catch up with.

You people just can’t admit when someone is better than you.

So even if you learn how to encounter recoil you cant encounter it on an meele spray down you did.

So this Vid you made. I used to report on Steam.
I youre not hacking they will tell you.

If youre hacking then im happily sorry to VAC Ya Butt

I am sorry to tell you, but VAC does not ban by reports.

firstly, i have no idea how you can play with that FOV. secondly, its not clear because of that FOV if you have recoil or not…i’m suspicious, but not 100% either way. my point is this though. the guy had glitched into the tanker there. so what? you took 10 seconds to get in there to loot his body, and could still shoot him from outside the tanker, so what possible benefit did it offer him?

legacy is broken in many ways. people will exploit those issues because they can. this is really the least game breaking exploit i have seen, and not causing you any personal harm. move on.

oh, and i do find it ironic how you knew exactly how to get in there, but are complaining about him doing it:)