the infamous Loading bar black screen

So to answer all the questions. I have played g-mod with this comp before i played it last month then took a break for about a… month lol. Now when i start up the game it goes to the loading bar makes it to initializing server side gets to the next thing and then goes black instantly. I can do nothing until the process is ended. I reallllly wanna play again lol having withdrawls so any and all help is appreciated i think the last update may have done it but hey who knows k thank you in advance for all posts towards helping me


update all my steam games except day of defeat hl2 and the episodes so the ones that dont work are
portal,CS:S, TF2 this all started when Killing Floor crashed >.>

new update CS:S came back for a little bit after i restarted my computer couldnt send the the client data and then it began black screening again

Hey hey tf2 still works