The Infection

Hey everyone. I have been working on a little LUA entity I am calling the infection. I based it off of StudentLoons fungus, but it’s enough of it’s own thing that I figured I would post it here.

Key differences are:

It spreads via Spores it releases. These Spores are their own entities.
It can stick to ceilings, walls, pretty much anything.
It fires spores at nearby players, and spores do damage.
If a player is killed via spores, more spores are created.

Anyway, a link to the download:


Some infection nodes shooting spores at me

You can see some of the spores made by the infection here:

Some NPC’s getting owned by Spores

Aftermath of the NPC slaughter. Notice all the spores, each one will eventually become it’s own infection node.

tested this out its crazy
you should make differnt spore types and maybe make them turn into npc’s once they grow enough

I’ll try it out. Although some screenies would be nice.

Alright, added screenshots.

Feedback would be appreciated, especially in regards to the code (Any obvious no-no’s, etc.)

Hmm. Will try soon.

Just looks like blastfungus only black and not transparent

Yeah, like I said, I based it on the fungus. It’s sort of the same idea, but applied differently. I mostly used it to teach myself LUA.

Aww, I wished for another version of Plaque. :frown:

looks good, will try…
I have one question though, seeing how the original blastfungus was already laggy as heck, won’t this just totally lag the game to death? seeing how every “fungus” also shoots spores…

It can lag, yeah. I tried to make it as lagless as possible, by limiting the amount of spores that can be out at once, and reducing the think times. I didn’t experience -too- much lag.

C’mon people this guy (maybe) deserves some pallets!
Hey, you should change your avatar, you look very inexperienced with the default.

You need to limit how many spores there can be within a certain radius, will improve this loads.

Could you maybe make a version where it creates a decal on any surface that the spores hit, so that you can see the infection spread better?

That would be cool.

Maybe you can find a way to npc-ize the immolator model from zombie master , if keep corpses is on and there are dead npcs, they will degrade slowly :smiley: here’s the way.
combine-rebel-the burnt rebel mdl used for hobo in dark rp-charred skin-immolator model-alive
rebel-the burnt rebel mdl used for hobo in dark rp-charred skin-immolator model-alive.
antlion-disappears in spores
zombie-blackens (color) and becomes infection node overmind (others within radius become larger infection nodes) Overminds link all the spores and nodes together within a radius, and are ‘smarter’ IE: most will attack antlion guards, while a few will attack the antlions, and some will spread nodes toward the workers in the back.
Oh, and antlion guards just turn into alot of spores.
PS: i dont expect you to be able to do this- not that i dont think you can do it, but it mayjust be VERY hard to code.

What if NPCs could become spore zombies?

And what about some simple evolutionary tactics, like some might get random mutations that let them shoot electricity or spawn off a spore that glides on the wind?


Download and test. This is purely amazing.