The Infection


The Infection (idea by Sunday_Roast (

[release]This is a new thread because the old one is, well, really old and I’d like to start fresh.[/release]
In this gamemode, one person is chosen to have a disease (that turns people into zombies). They want to infect as many people as possible before a certain time. At that time, they turn into a full blown zombie (as do every other person who is infected). Survivors will then have to hold out until a certain time, at which they have to fight to an extraction point.[/release]
First of all, every player has hunger and thirst. There will be food and everywhere around the map in addition to people being able to buy/sell food/water. If your hunger/thirst becomes too great, you die.

Every player has an infection bar, showing how much of the infection they have caught. When it gets to the top, they become infected. This is true for ALL stages (see below).

Weapons will be in the game, though if you kill someone other than the infected you will get a penalty (what that will be is yet to be determined).

Finally: Barricading. All around the map there will be things like wood planks, scrap metal, and all sorts of other things. You can use these to make barricades to keep people (or zombies/infected) out. Note that you will need a pretty large supply of water/food in the area. You will have a Gravity Gun, but instead of a tool gun to weld stuff, you must buy a hammer for wooden props, or a welder for metal props.

The game is divided up into internal ‘stages’. Each stage has different objectives and gameplay. Note that you are never told when you are moving into a new stage, nor are you told what the current stage is. The stage system just makes it easier to understand the flow of the game, as well as being used in the code itsself. The stage listing is below.

Note that there is a money system, but you get no income except for winning a round and killing zombies/humans.
[release]Stage 1: The Sickness
In this stage, not a single person has been infected. Take the time to gather food, water, and materials to build barricades as well as to find a house or cave or something to stay in (unless you want to try to survive in the open world). If you die in this stage, you will respawn normally.[/release]
[release]Stage 2: The Infection
At the beginning of this stage, one person is chosen as the infected. Their objective is to infect everyone else (or kill them). If you die in this stage, you will respawn as an infected person. If you do become infected, you must help the original infected person. Signs of the infection include:
-Coughing (everyone coughs, but the infected will cough more often)
-Needing less food/water than others
The infected can try to infect others by staying around them for a while, or by attacking them with a melee weapon. If the original infected person dies without infecting anyone else, they will respawn normally and a new infected will be chosen. If everyone is infected, the infected win and the game resets.[/release]
[release]Stage 3: The Epidemic
SURVIVAL! Any remaining survivors must survive for a set amount of time. All infected turn into zombies. If you die, you become a zombie.[/release]
[release]Final Stage (Stage 4): The Extermination
This stage is based off Zombie Escape from CS:S ZombieMod (Zombie Escape is normal ZombieMod, but the map is set up so that if the Humans get to the end, all of the zombies are killed, ending the round). All survivors have to run through a hoard of zombies to get to an extraction point, where they will be taken away while the Army bombs the place.[/release]
[release]Random Events/Other Events
[li]Air-Drop Rations: In stage 3, the Army will air-drop rations to your position (outside houses of course) if you find a radio.[/li][li]Army Attack: In stage 2 and 3, the Army might just send some soldiers to help, though they will attack you if they see you and you aren’t inside a specified area. Going to that area will also lower your infection.[/li][/ul][/release][/release][/release]
[release]Q and A
When do you expect to release this?
Not for a long time.

Who are you?
I am the lead coder.


This is stupid. This is going to be another generic zombie game, isn’t it?
Much better. No, it won’t. This is more of a mix of a lot of different things. Yes, the last two stages are basically generic zombie games, but the first stage is a build-type game and the second stage is a lot like the gamemode Parasyte.

<insert badly phrased/stupid question here>
Again… What?

Ask me any other questions by PM or by posting here.[/release]
[release]Extra Features that weren’t mentioned above
[li]Database Bans - If a superadmin bans a player, their data is still in the server. Database banning (used by running the command DBBan will ban them, and remove their saved data (money). It will also log the ban in a different part of the files, though it will not log their data, so it is lost forever. This should be used as a punishment, though not instead of the normal ban commands (unless you are perm banning them)[/li][/ul][/release]
[li]Redx475 - Lead Coder/Website Designer/Head of Project/Mapper (if needed)[/li][li]Companion Cube/jakegadget - Lua Coder[/li][li]Madurjafro - Mapper[/li][li]Findme - Lua Coder[/li][/ul]

I need MAPPERS and MODELERS to help on this project! Post here or PM me to join.

Mappers should be able to do displacement maps, triggers, and pretty much just be good at Hammer.
**In terms of models, I just need a better model than a crowbar for zombie claws (world and view model)[/release]
[li]Money system/SQL Database[/li][li]STOP! It’s hammer/welder time![/li][li]Core Logic[/li][li]Zombie Melee Weapon[/li][li]Needs (food/water)[/li][li]Gun buying system[/li][li]Most of the HUD[/li][li]Mapping entities[/li][li]Stage 4 goal system[/li][/ul]
[li]Vomiting (but we could add it easily)[/li][li]Extended round ending system (allowing mappers to make their own endings)[/li][li]Bug Fixing (there is ALWAYS bug fixing)[/li][/ul]
We are so close to being finished![/release]

I am really going to need someone to model/make textures for weapons!

[release]Mapping FGD

//The Infection FGD for the Valve Hammer Map Editor

@PointClass color( 255 255 0 ) = infect_control :
"The Infection gamemode controller. Only allow one of these per map!" +
"This will allow you to use inputs/outputs to change things in the map" +
"based on the stage."
	output OnStageEscape(void) : "Fires when the escape stage starts"
	output OnRestartRound(void) : "Fires when the round restarts"

@PointClass color( 255 255 0 ) = infect_needsspawn :
"The Infection Needs system spawnpoint. Place ABOVE the ground"

@PointClass color( 255 255 0 ) = infect_waterspawn :
"The Infection Water Needs system spawnpoint. Place ABOVE the ground"

@PointClass color( 255 255 0 ) = infect_foodspawn :
"The Infection Food Needs system spawnpoint. Place ABOVE the ground"

@PointClass color( 255 255 0 ) = infect_propspawn :
"The Infection Prop spawnpoint. Place ABOVE the ground"

@SolidClass color( 255 255 0 ) = infect_trigger_goal :
"The Stage Four Goal. Use like you would a trigger, and place" +
"it in the safe area."

[release]Twitter Updates
I have created a twitter account for this project ( that auto-tweets each time I commit a change. Not too useful right now (since it is unreleased), but who knows?[/release]


The Infection is currently under a temporary license to prevent leaking during the development phase. It is under my own RedxDev Non-Public Software License ( It will be moved to a much less restrictive creative commons after development is done.[/release]

Epicly win

Sounds interresting. You got any images for this?

Not yet, but I will soon. The gamemode is complete, but we have only tested the first stage, which so far has a bunch of bugs. Also, there aren’t any complete maps except for our test map (which is horribly small and stupid), so we need mappers.


Well, it seems that the first stage is working perfectly! Now I just need jakegadget to help test the rest of the stages…

Note to anyone thinking of making a map or using the old FGD: Don’t use it. I need to make a new one because I changed a lot of stuff.


Added new FGD. No idea if it works.


The FGD works. Now it is time to test everything else!

Also, welcome findme to the team!

Sounds super awesome <3


I could map for this, add me on steam nik6069.


I don’t know about the food/barricade stuff, but the zombie survival/escape sounds awesome.

Yeah. I’m really taking all the aspects of ZombieMod and expanding them (barricading is major in ZM. Food I am just using to get people to not stay in one place)

Yeah, if you want people to stay moving, remove round 1.

It gives them time to barricade. I want people to barricade, like in CS:S ZM, but at the same time not be able to sit around lasting forever. They should only be able to get enough food for the first few rounds. Also, it encourages teamwork in order to share food supplies (all the while making people wary of each other and possibly trying to steal food from each other). Also, it gives another way for the infected to get survivors. Currently, the infected can use the water, but instead of drinking it, they infect it. The survivor that drinks it will most likely be turned into an infected. To counter that, I am planning to have a randomly spawning infection tester on every map that only works a few times.


I also like the idea of the drama involved in people stealing each other’s food :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems awesome.

I read “Zombies” and my first thought was “GENERIC!”, but it seems like a nice idea now that I’ve read more into it. :smile:

upload pics. it sounds awesome

Not much to show yet, except a horrible UI and my horrible base building (we don’t have any maps with premade houses yet)


Go on, give us a pic even if it is crap, we are all intregued by the great ideas

Alright… I’ll get a pic in a bit.

How is this mod going?
Now when I’m on vacation I could start drawing some kind of pictures of the first map I had thought of for this when I first came up with the concept.