The Internet Adventure

This is the channel we are gonna put videos on about Dr Kleiner and his awesome adventures, this is the first video, others will be on soon!

P.S. It Includes Ponies, but dont be mad please.

If your planning too sleep, dont watch it, or do… I don’t care.


In the beginning i was like “oh this is cool”
and in the ending i shat myself

What the fuck was up with the end goddamn

this really didnt have much to do with garry’s mod or half life, it was just pictures of famous internet stuff and kleiner just pasted on it.

Oh god what

Its the internet adventure of Dr. Kleiner, and he discovers horrible things.

But i think you people like it so thanks :smiley: (i cant wait for the facepunch app) (Its made by Mikevp88 by the way)

At first I was like “Meh.” because of the pony references but when it got to the Rule 34 part it gave me a bit of a chuckle. Nice work.

This made me laugh. I loved it!