The Internet Army is rushing through

The original picture I posted some weeks ago did not receive any good ratings at all, just 2 dumb ratings, so I decided to edit the picture as best as I can.


in my opinion, some parts look too heavily and some parts too little edited, but I like how the soldier on the left turned out.

Out of my own naked curiosity what map is that?

shadows look awful, many of the movements look nonanimate


The replica dude in the foregound is posed quite stiffly.


And the SF girl running offscreen is expressionless, which looks kind of out of place with the rest of the picture.

Har har har
Awesome you get a :stuck_out_tongue:

What I can say :v: I like the posing and the editing is pretty neat.

Thank you and now for my ten cents:

It looks good (better editing than what I could do) but I do feel that there is too much going on at once.

Dude thats what the internet is about!

Yeah but hasn’t got lazer beams flying out of its arse.


thanks for the C&C

I really appreciate it