The invaders... They're already here.

Okay, now before someone says “THE 2005 VERSION SUX”, I’m gonna state that I used that tripod model because it seemed to fit the modern-day enviroment.

Flatgrass, I’ll post the un-edited one if someone wants to.

Are they remodeled Striders or something?

I like it very much so, love the smoke, and the editing, have some paint.

What??? Never heard of the War of the Worlds?

THE 2005 VERSION SUX, on a serious note I would like to see the original.

That’s the original.

Epic. Well done.

I thought the 2005 version was quite good actually.

Nice job on the image.

They just look a lot like Striders.

Always liked that version more, call me a modernist, but my opinion.

Good image, the smoke looks a bit weird though. Could’ve made the ground a bit less noticably flat also. But overall nice

I prefer the 2005 version.
Now slap me if you want.

I think the 2005 version is cooler.

Cool lookin’ picture.

Wow that reminds me of war of the world(2005).

It’s based on it.

This IS War of the worlds.

Nice picture dude.
I really like the editing!

War of the Worlds :eng101:

Thank you very much :smile:

So OP likes those war of the worlds 2 movies, theres 5 or 6 of them.

meh, looks flat, and the smoke is weird.

I like the background effects though.


Try to put in effects and change parts of the ground, good job though.