The Invasion - Episode1 (Trailer)

Okay so this evening I made a Trailer for the GMOD movie my Friend and me are Making.
It’s called the Invasion and I can tell this much about the Plot:
It will contain a Hero named Ben fighting his way from an infested lab he gets Teleported to…

I know it’s boring and i know that the explosion loops…
Maybe some Improovements ?

I didn’t get it. Make it more coherent, please.

Gmod videos go that way -->
This was totally awful.
Nuke looked like shit, it looped.
And gm_construct, random filter, eugh.

Trailer doesn’t tell anything whatsoever and I doubt the final video (if it ever gets real) will either.

Okay well half of the videos were titles and the other half filter rape.


i loved the title idea with the explosion, kinda looked like ink in water.
but the other bit was bad, u really shouldnt do it in gm_consrtuct.

Total crap, I’d suggest you to put more effort than 10 minutes on doing the video.
This isn’t even considered as Garry’s Mod video.