The Ion Cannon WIP

So I’ve been working on an Ion cannon, you may have seen some pictures and stuff around the place.

I’m still working on it, but I’ve got a lot of features so far and I want to see if people will request any specific things.



Current Features

-Indoor/Outdoor detection
-Visual and Audio indication of whether your target is in the open.
-Custom Particle Effect
-Dynamic aiming system, aiming at the skybox will land an ion cannon on the ground.
-Predicted Target Height (allowing for long range, out of line of sight hits)
-CnC95 Sound FX
-My voice
-Binocular Vision thingy
-Returns the entity at the predicted impact zone. (Useful for out of LoS targetting)
-Unconstrains and Unfreezes entities, great for pwning someones fort.

Pending: Model Permission

All assets other than the Sounds (Freeware) and View Models(Permission Pending) are my own.

v1 - Addon
v1 Particle Effects

But try and make the Timing of the Beam longer, Like what C&C3 does. A small stream of light appears, then it widens out, then strikes.

Its such an awesome effect just its too short.

I have to agree with the other 2 guys, the effect its too short, maybe making it 5 seconds longer would be great.

1st Second, It goes down and it appears thin.
2nd Second, It starts going wider.
3th Second Its at full size.
4th Second It starts to vanish.
5th Second it fully vanishes.

Just trying to help!

BTW the effect its awesome ^^

I tried to make it like the CnC95 version, as that’s what inspired me to make it.

I could make it longer, but the longer the effect the more lag problems it’ll cause.

And I really like it as it is D:

New Feature: Now tells you the entity it will hit. (Useful for out of LoS targetting)


I moved the info text to the top left hand corner, so it constrasts better with the black.
I’m thinking about having it dissolve entities, strider cannon style but I’m not sure.

I also have to find a way to make it easier to use for indirect fire, I’ve thought about a camera above the players head and you click on the impact location.

Make it five seconds longer :3

Other then that, it looks Great.

Noooooo I love it short.

Seriously if I lengthen it I need a new sound and i need to basically start the effects from scratch.

I suppose I can do a small laser for a “targetting” thingy…

Just leave the effect as it is, and make it go bigger a bit slower, and make it so the sound effect is a bit slower, Can’t be to hard.

Also, If you’re going to release it, you need to think of what people want.

As said before, make it (or another version) longer and more powerful.

It’d be nice if like, if it hit a large prop it’d make a large boom :3

Also, it’s good as it is, It’s just we’d prefer it if it was longer.

See, particle systems can’t be changed that simply.

If I want it to be longer, all the effects will need to be remade.

I suppose I might do it a bit longer, but not by a lot. 2 seconds max.

2 seconds would be great, and i wouldn’t know.

I know nothing about particles

New features:
-Ion cannon now unwelds and unconstrains props within the blast radius.
Memo: Tidy up unweld and unconstrain code so it’s not a total ripoff of the nuke SENT

Nice job.

I can tell this will be awesome.

I accidentally screwed up a little bit with the force.

Players were pelted across the map, in about 3 frames you’d cross flatgrass.


Make a convar to it! Could be funny!

It was like rocket jumping, but with an ion beam.

I’ll replicated it into another swep for the lulz.


I am become death. Destroyer of bunkers.

I recorded the whole thing, it’ll be uploaded soon.

Remake gcombat and implement it.

Also: Crysis weps/skins? wut

The models are from Empiresmod.

With an explosion Like this it Needs a Shockwave! That makes you go like: WHOOOOOO Big XPLOSION!