The Issues With Legacy Rust

Hi, I’m LeuGeo a fairly known player from legacy Rust community.

I’ve been playing the game since it came out on steam and have had so many enjoyable moments. I’ve also met a variety of different people through playing Rust. Even though the life span of legacy was cut short due to the constant update errors and lack of communication from Facepunch to the community it died very quickly. In February 2014 the game peaked at 58,973 players according to, since then the popularity of the game has decreased significantly and the birth of new rust has attracted a completely new player base due to it being a completely different game with a similar concept. currently rust is averaging around 14,000 players that has been slowly gained over the past 3 months which is no where close to legacy.

Now for my point, being that legacy was a far better game and most of the community from back in February would prefer the game to be fixed and worked on at least! Just leaving it there to rot doesn’t make any sense since it was a much popular game and had the perfect mechanics for the concept. I don’t want to go into detail about everything that made legacy one of the best games of all time in many of our opinions but it has many great qualities and a player base that would return to it if it was developed. I really don’t want legacy to die, I want it to be revived and so do many of us! Even just reverting it back to when the game was popular with zombies and little to no lag would be amazing as its something if its possible.

There was a reason people like LIRIK, summit and many CSGO pros playing it while streaming bringing constant attention to the game who I believe would return to legacy if it was fixed. Frankieonpcin1080p also played it and made awesome videos about it and praised it so much. Frankie even made a server for his community to play on! You don’t see Frankie playing rust much now do we? He was uploading rust videos on a regular basis and keeping the rust community thriving. Rust sustained a lot of popularity through till may when it collapse because no recurring updates and everyone gathered the lag, mutants and hackers would not be fixed.

As for the issues specifically that need to be fixed are excessive render lag and server lag which comes with high population and a lot of buildings. The update with the particle effects on wood and metal nodes and the new sky broke the game with creating constant render lag and unplayable conditions. Servers wouldn’t last more than a week and needed to be wiped which was a huge put off to new players. Mutants ruined the game with bad agro systems which was another issue that broke the game. Since the game doesn’t update at all hacks have been developed to the extent of removing placed items from the game and breaking servers. There has also been a issue with accessing program files of rust and removing textures which allows people to put sleeping bags through houses and spawning inside someone’s house. These are just some of the main issues I’ve touched on.

As a community we’ve tried repeatedly to get some attention to legacy as the player base has slowly died due to no development. Please can we get something done and fix this amazing game!

Thank You for Reading.


Anyone of the community please post your thoughts below.

All development stopped on legacy in February 2014 and it is no longer supported. I don’t know how you missed this news. It was communicated explicitly on the official devblog and on this forum repeatedly. You didn’t know because you didn’t go looking for it, so don’t accuse the devs of having poor communication as a cover for your own laziness.

Legacy was a first draft and it was a massive clusterfuck of awful code under the hood - the reason for this was that it was intended to be a prototype, not a wildly-popular game played by >1 million owners. The game exploded in popularity when it didn’t even deserve it. The new version is a clean-start reboot to have proper, ready-for-public code from the start using the lessons learned from legacy, and it takes time to actually develop a game. Legacy was kept online and playable since it costs the devs practically nothing to keep it around; they could kill it tomorrow but that’d do nothing but anger everyone still playing legacy, so they don’t.

garry himself addressed this back in March:

There is literally no reason for the devs to spend a single minute trying to fix up legacy, because that’s a minute spent NOT finishing Rust.

There was even a thread about this yesterday, ffs.

Welcome to alpha, this is what game development is like. Traditionally, you wouldn’t even know Rust existed yet because it’d be behind closed doors and under NDA.

I miss old legacy :[ [*]

No, I didn’t miss the news but I don’t see how the game that was proven to be better and was a lot more successful with a higher amount of players and streams which gave the game constant attention could be thrown out for a new game that no one wants! Please understand why that player base existed was it because of the game that didn’t deserve the popularity it got or the new game that deserves it but doesn’t get it. Please use some sense.

There is literally no reason for the devs to spend a single minute trying to fix up legacy, because that’s a minute spent NOT finishing Rust.

those minutes couldve been put towards the version that deserved it

lmao, how long do you think legacy was in development? The game you played was two years in the making to get to the point that it was as “polished” as it was. The code was also such a mess that the pace of updates was far too slow for garry’s liking, and it would’ve taken a year just to untangle everything wrong with legacy’s code, largely thanks to a dev who is no longer at the studio. Instead, they burned it to the ground and started over fresh, with massive improvements in update rates.

I’ve been here since summer 2013, well before it hit Steam, and I watched exactly how the Rust community formed, the very community you claim to speak for. The game was overhyped because nobody could play it and everyone thought it was so much better than it was.

How do you think legacy got to where it was? It was SHIT for a long time, where roads would lift off of the ground instead of following the terrain perfectly, and you could crouch and fall through them onto the ground. Uncrouching would throw you into space.

The fact that the new version of Rust is not a perfect 1:1 clone of legacy right from the get go is too fucking bad, and you need to understand that the game you love would not have stayed the way it is if development had continued. It would have become what you’re looking at now, and it will continue to change.

Bottom line, if you play legacy, accept that you are playing legacy **AS-IS WITH NO FURTHER MEANINGFUL UPDATES *


***. If you don’t want to play the new version yet because it doesn’t have enough gameplay to match legacy, PLAY OTHER GAMES FOR A WHILE and then come back and check in. Experimental hasn’t even been around as long as legacy and yet you expect it to have instantly caught up? Reality check, that’s impossible and proves you don’t understand the game development process.

As you decided to edit your most and appeal to everyone as the arrogant retard you seem to be please note that everyone got the news and legacy can we developed the point of the post is New Rust isn’t exactly successful in comparison to legacy. The proof lies right here…

Also there was never any communication between devs and the community so they created a game out of their own ideas which has lead Rust into someone that always could of been and never will be. I’m not asking for legacy to be the main focus there was a point in legacy where it was playable and should be reverted to that point.

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So know you are following through with allegations to something which was not said lmao. You are on another world idiot. And FYI if garry would have spent that year the game would have been far more successful than this shitty experimental.

And what is your problem with legacy you seem to hate it so much and not see the whole picture. You you need a reality check with your small mind.

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in the year that legacy could’ve been fixed you make a brand new shit show game with flawed ideas and no hope behind it, experimental has had no hope in the eyes of all popular streamers that played the legacy version of the game who know it is truly better, when legacy was at the point in time comparable to experimental, there was still a lot more content in legacy and a lot more fun to be had.

How do you expect for something that is called legacy to be actively updated?

It’s like expecting updates for Adobe Photoshop CS2 regularly because “I like it more than the current version”.


I don’t think you read the thread. If you need some help get someone from your school or a parent/guardian to help.
Plus that example is completely irrelevant lmao.

I hope they will at some later time do a little work on Legacy. No reason Facepunch could not offer both as a package when you buy Rust: Rust an Rust Legacy. When the new Rust is in really good shape they could do a little on Legacy, or open it up more to mods or the community to fix some things.

But I can’t see them working on it now because they are committed to the new version. The new version is cool in it’s own ways - although I agree legacy is a better game at this point.

I think we all need to face these facts:

  1. New Rust has really bad performance and much higher minimum requirements than Legacy. A lot of Legacy players cannot even play the new Rust or have to run it on minimum settings - which makes the ground look really bad.
  2. Facepunch probably did not realize Unity 5 would have so many flaws and bugs, and that moving to Unity 5 would make Rust much more demanding of PCs. I can’t believe they knew how bad Rust would run in Unity 5 for so many months.
  3. We never got Legacy Rust in a new game engine. We got a very different game, and many players think parts of Legacy are better. For example, a lot of people prefer the maps and the combat in Legacy.

I am sure Facepunch thought the new version would be just as good or better than Legacy, but in the new version they lost a lot of what made legacy great. New Rust is not finished though, and will get better and better.

Some great features we lost:

  1. An excellent map with places to hide as a player, and places to hide bases. And distinct separate areas on the map divided by tall, climbable mountains.
  2. Areas on the map that brought players together like small rad and hangar. The new maps are bigger and don’t really have these PvP hotspots.
  3. Combat and movement. We lost some good features of combat, and movement in Legacy is more fluid. You can walk over rocks in Legacy easily, but in new Rust it requires repeated jumping.
  4. You can’t hide a small base in new Rust because the building privilege tells anyone close there is a base.
  5. Decay works differently, so you can’t go hunting for old bases that have decayed and opened up revealing the loot inside.
  6. Rad animals was an interesting way to get gear - much more interesting than hitting barrels.

I feel legacy Rust is still a much better game than new Rust right now, but I also see Facepunch doing an amazing job and making new Rust better every week. I know some players like new Rust better - and new Rust does some things better than legacy (like buildings). I think eventually new Rust will be as good a game as legacy but just a different game.

They are making great changes to Rust. The new blueprint system is a major improvement and addresses concerns brought up about grind and solo players. The new sphere monument is also an incredible feature added to the game. It is so cool to have a space like that to explore and fight in.

We are kind of stuck with the new version with all it’s flaws and good points. But hopefully Facepunch will be open to eventually giving Legacy a small bit of love, and keeping it around for players. Maybe a year or two later, they will let community coders work to fix some things in Legacy.

I miss Legacy too. they need to stop working on new rust and bring back Legacy. Legacy was so much better and fun please bring it back.

I loved your points and i do think New Rust is a completely different game to legacy they’re too far apart and should be separated. I just wish Garry and the devs where more involved with the community… I

He is. For the current version.

And no amount of whining will change the way that software is developed.

Exactly proving my point that Garry cares nothing for the community that made him (legacy) and continues to build a game which is not going to amount to anything or reach the level that legacy did.

You are totally wrong. Garry and other FP staff are heavily involved in the community. They will read this thread. Garry replies to questions asked to him all the time, he posts here and on reddit. They are completely open about development and tell us a lot in the dev blogs.

You are kind of off in saying “Garry cares nothing for the community that made him”. It just looks childish to say that. Garry was very successful before Rust with other games. And a lot of us legacy players are still here and totally support him. They listen, but are not going to abandon new Rust and go back to Legacy - for good reasons.

Seriously, you can’t find a better game company than Facepunch. They really care about the game and what players want. For example, the completely redid the BP system after players complained a lot about the grind to get good BPs. This is not a company just trying to make money - they are trying to create a great game. We are really luck as Rust players.

Garry’s Mod made him. Not Rust.

After the initial hype of the game died down, Rust has seen a steadily increasing online player count. :ok:

I’m going to jump in here to agree with you here, I bought rust due to hype, and I don’t currently play it because it’s not quite where I want it to be to play it again, but after years of playing gmod and see how snappy garry always was with getting a fix when tf2 updated, and the dev blogs I fully trust them to turn rust into a amazing game well worth my money.

Would be nice if there was a legacy client for Linux still. Or any client for Linux that works.