The Jarate drinker

Yes, i know, it’s more Photoshop then gMod, but still - it’s based on real gMod scene XD

firstly, original picture:

  1. original Picasso picture:

  1. result :smiley:

PS: please don’t swear, i really don’t know where to put this one. Maybe I’m just used to this thread.

lol nice 1 :slight_smile:

Wow. Surprisingly impressive photoshop job.

Wow great as always Komai. I like the scout portrait in the background. That was clever.
These really must take you some time.

You should have cropped the image, there’s a bit too much blackness. As for the pose and editing, looks excellent.

Very nice

Amazing work again Komai, it looks great.

now thats what I call artistic

Looking good.

Sell your work.

Even the original is pretty damn amazing.


Awesome. He kind of looks like Obama in the last picture…


How the hell did you do that?

I think I might paint that in my art class…

Nice one.

thank you, guys :slight_smile:

yes, the original picture was pretty good too (except of finger posing ^_^)… i didn’t even want to edit it.

there are some more originals, maybe you’ll find 'em funny 8)

in the very beginning (is it true you can make some good picturesque stuff on gm_construct? YES IT IS! :D)

get out of my table!

Jarate lover

Jarate thinker

Very nice idea! :slight_smile:

Damn thats nice!