The Jaykin Bacon Episode 3 SVT mapping initiative


So myself, Jimbomcb (that nope.avi guy), a couple gold members, and all the other COOL moderators have been hard at work over the last few months making a deathmatch modification for half-life 2 deathmatch, basically a sequel to the old half-life 1 mod Jaykin’ Bacon. If you want to learn more about this glorious modification, look here: and maybe also here

Probably the biggest part of this mod however is going to be the SVT, or SNAKE VS TERRORISTS game mode type, in which 1-3 players are randomly selected to play as snake, and must sneak and occasionally fight their way to the frog located in each map.

We’re gonna need a lot of maps, and I figured why not turn to you glorious facepunch mappers to help us pull this off.

What’s needed for a snake vs terrorist map??
Well for starters, it needs to be a kinda linear map, with a starting point where the snakes spawn, and the ending point where the frogs spawn. Think like how some CSS maps are (hence we’ve just been using those in the mean time). Cs_office and de_aztec are great, but something like DM_Overwatch would be awful.
It needs to offer numerous ways for snake to reach the frog, including vents and other things snake can crawl through.
Snake will be able to lay down flat and crawl forward, something terrorists can’t do, so maybe have special uses for this, like an even smaller ventilation system for him to use. Just make sure it isn’t 1 entrance 1 exit only, or else T’s can camp it if they spot him going in.
A frog point that is only SOMEWHAT defendable. Basically don’t put it in a small room with only one exit, because then it can just be camped and make snakes life hell. It needs multiple ways in and out.
We don’t want large open areas! How can snake sneak through those if the terrorists can just stare out there and look for any movement?
Make it DARK! It’s kinda hard for snake to sneak about on something super bright
Interactive environment! One idea I like is that since the map will be dark, the map can have lights or spotlights or other things lighting up parts of the map, but if snake can find their fuse boxes he can disable them at the cost of giving away his location when he does this.
EVENTUALLY we’ll need the ‘shortcut path’. You can leave this out for now, or leave room for it, or put it in without the covering wall, but eventually this needs to be a path that can take snake very close to the map safely, at the cost of giving away his location when he blows up the wall covering the shortcut path. This path needs to be totally sealed off in one end, and have an exit that the terrorist can’t get into. Basically if snake never blows open the entrance path, nobody will ever set foot in here. Think like, an exit that’s high up on a tall room, so snake has to jump out of it, and the terrorists can’t reach it. Or maybe some sort of sewer system that snake can get into if he blows up a cracked floor.
And you’re also gonna need some PATIENCE. We’re gonna be testing your map in our beta, and be giving lots of feedback about whats working and what isn’t, so expect the map to be changed around potentially a lot as we figure out whats best for it from our testing sessions. The final release isn’t for awhile so feel free to take your time with it

SOMETHING TO NOTE ABOUT SVT: The terrorists move at half speed and can’t dive. Snake however moves at full speed and can dive, allowing him to reach further distances. Maybe make use of this?

BUT HEY you’re probably wondering WHATS IN IT FOR ME/I WANT TO HELP TEST IT, so I tell you what: you start making a map for us, it looks good, then we’ll give you beta access for the duration of the beta so you can test your map out alongside the rest of us, as well as all the other game modes (basically don’t expect to get the beta if you just make a full bright room for us).

Anyone can make a map for us no matter your experience, because it won’t be until the final release time (awhile from now) rolls around that we’ll be picking out the great ones to include in it. This beta will be going on for a long time, so there’s plenty of time to test it (and for you to enjoy the beta if you decide to help us out)

And btw this game mode is heavily influenced by metal gear solid (if you couldn’t tell) so if you need some inspiration for your map, perhaps look to the MGS games.

SO YEAH, use this thread to apply, show of your maps, get feedback, ask questions, do whatever. And we’ll try to help you out however we can ok cool thanks.

AND DONT’T FORGET: Since we can’t really tell how well a map is working until we test it out, don’t worry too much about detailing and making it look pretty. It’ll likely need to be messed around with a bit and I imagine that’d get annoying having to re-do shit like that.


We’re really like maps that can support 32 players, but we won’t stop you if you want to do a 16 player map instead.

Whatever you want. We want variety to our maps.

SDK base 2013 mp

Make entities with these names:
jb_spawn_svt_terrorist = terrorist spawn, make 29 of these
jb_spawn_svt_snake = snake spawn, make three of these
jb_obj_frog is the frog. if it doesn’t exist on the map, it falls back to putting the frog at a random terrorist spawn

Terrorists can crouch and move forward yes. Snake will now be able to crawl while laying prone in our next version, though, and terrorists can’t do that. It’s not in the current gold beta yet, but you can roll sideways while prone to see how high off the ground snake will be when forward crawling. Maybe have a special set of vents for this specific type of crawling? But don’t give it 1 entrance 1 exit, otherwise if a T spots him going in there they can corner him. Maybe give it 4 exits or something

Yeah sure


don’t care as long as its fun fun FUN


Jaykin Bacon Episode 3 is totally cool! We want your maps! This post definitely not brought to you by postal

yay for frogs

map for us else i’ll piss on your chips

I support the JBEP3 mapping initiative. It is a very sexy mod, and it has nice sounds. The graphics will make you sweat. The gameplay, heart pounding. It is very intense.

I am making maps, but you can also make maps. We can map together. We can share stories about our mapping. Wouldn’t it be cool to share mapping stories with a moderator??? Think of all the cool guys and or women I have banned. Wow, what a great afternoon that would be!!!

don’t do that please

Ask GameDev.

what engine version are you using sirs

also “jb_alleys”

this is the first time mods have ever been in the mapping section

You mean, besides all of the times we’ve been banned. :v:

Overv used to be a mod though.

i wanna help

i made dis nigga

what entity spawns snake and which entity spawns everybody else/frog

I actually stop by this section every now and then. I just don’t post.

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SDK base 2007

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jb_spawn_svt_terrorist = terrorist spawn, make 29 of these
jb_spawn_svt_snake = snake spawn, make three of these
jb_obj_frog is the frog. if it doesn’t exist on the map, it falls back to putting the frog at a random terrorist spawn

i henceforth declare my participation

(where do I download those entities, if I even download them at all? do I just create an entity named jb_spawn_svt_terrorist and it will appear when you host it?)

also I made this

I do hope I appear qualified indeed

dropbox says im not allowed to view that image

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And you just make an entity with that name

vent break sound attracts attention of terrorists, light control is smack bang in the middle of the whole map, door control is fairly easy for both teams to access and the door can be used to shut T’s routes off at the cost of making things a little harder for you

does this seem alright (pardon my bad writing)

[sp]looks kinda small to me but eh[/sp]

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also are there any particular themes you’d like to see (canals, complex, forest, shit like that)

So when making something revealing such as turning off the lights, do you mean like an alarm sounds?

Yeah I forgot to mention but we’d really like maps that can support 32 players. I mean if you want to make a smaller map for like 16 players go for it, but personally my preference is for the 32 player matches.

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I mean that if you shut off the lights, the terrorists will know where you are since the fusebox for those lights is in one spot. That’s just my idea though, you can do other ways to interact with that map as well.

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It looks interesting yeah but like I said you can’t really say how well an SVT map will work until we get to testing it. So my recommendation I guess would be to hold off on really detailing the map until we get a better idea of how the end result should be

All of the above. We’d like some variety to the SVT maps. It’s up to you guys.

I remember SVT from JBS and holy fuck it was fun. I’ll just make a rough devtexture map for now.

Actually, I think I’ll give this a shot as well.

My only real past work, haven’t mapped in a while.