The Jesus Bros 2v5 on a Community Server Multiple Times!

Finally got some editing software!!

So i gave it a goo!

Link me your steam. Not too shabby, just add some music, trim it down and make it highlights. Kids have ADD nowadays and wont sit through the entire video.

Apart from that, decent gameplay, but try to get the funner/more spectacular things.

Will do! thanks!

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There is my steam!

Make one big Black Jesus video thread and post all your videos in there as posts. It’s kinda a forum rule to keep people from advertising etc. just a heads-up.

Im trying to figure out how to post the videos on here without using the link for people to click on? If you get what im saying… I tried using [video] URL [/video] but it doesn’t work… Does anyone know how?

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Then ill make one big one…

Use http:// instead of https://

Also, click on “reply” for this post to see the format for embedding video.

Thank you so much!!

Pretty good video but lets be honest 2 on comms vs 5 randoms (most likely no comms) you would have a slight advantage.


True! But these guys were all together. Just pretty bad

UPDATE These guys want to challenge us again! New video soon