The Jim_Riley War album (Reader beware: Large images)

Not my official compilation thread but a compilation nonetheless.

Most war related pictures that I have done over the course of time I spent here in FP. There’s some really old ones (we’re talking about Gmod9 days) and some new ones that I felt didn’t deserve a thread on their own. Actually, now that I look at it I think it’s 90% DoD:S related :v:

Whenever I feel like I need to start making my official compilation thread, it’ll combine this “album”. It’s gonna be big :open_mouth:

Almost 50 images of my World War II goodness and you all now have the chance to catch them all together! I’ll probably “update” this album as I slowly post more images.


Well I’ll be damned, It’s JR!
Sup man, I haven’t seen you post anything lately (Or maybe I’m just blind.)

Anyways, smooth pics, mate.

Also MasterFGH thinks you’re awesome.


Awesome pics Jim!

Every thing here deserves a thread, atleast compared to the most crap they have here. But one of the picutures only showing the germans there helmets are low-def.

I can hear the voice of war whispering in my ear when I look at these.

Jim you never cease to amaze me. These are great!

Also MasterFGH said that he thinks you’re awesome.

Damn, you too? :smiley:


I could kiss you!

and I will! fucking awesome thread.

Well Jim, you just made me feel very in superior :smithicide:
Kidding, good shit bro

This is wonderful, great screenshots.

Why don’t you ever do WWII pics.

All nice. Some pretty damn unique pictures there.

Some incredible pictures, some amazing pictures with weird errors that stand out and almost ruin them.

Mostly though? Fantastic (but you know that already).

Oh btw:

DoDS pictures > CoD:WaW pictures

Oh yeaaaah of course! You know, when it comes to you and me Chesty you’ll probably never be happy.

A little bit of both. Like most of the Gmod veterans I’m dying away with time because no one appreciates hard work like they used to.

That’s a shitload of pictures!

Sorry that I look closely at things.

Oh and:

I’d say that sounds pretty happy.

I got some nostalgia out of them.

Holy Christ on a crutch thats awesome.