The Joker joins the BLU team as a Medic.

I don’t know, just wanted to post a picture. Been very distracted since I got my PC version of Mass Effect working on Christmas Eve.

I don’t get it.

Neither do I. I did when I made it, but as I reviewed it continually, my understanding deminished.

Lol, randomness at its finest.
Nice pic though! :slight_smile:

It looks like he’s ejecting some sort of fear medicine.

He’s injecting some air. Wich is definitly not good.

Yeah, he’s been adopting some tricks from Scarecrow. :downs:

Who’s Joker port is that? S-lows or LuigiMario’s?

Should have made the Heavy smiling. :v:

Hmm… Why didn’t I think of that?

[sp]rhetorical question, don’t ask[/sp]

kinda looks like hardcore but sex to me

but sex…

First thing I saw in my head when I looked at your avatar is the Joker looking curiously at an old guy in that party scene in the Dark Knight.

Great face posing. I had just gotten used to the sliders when they changed 'em up.

lool, nice camera angle