The Journey of the Biscuit

So, not 100% Garry’s Mod, but I’ve been spamming this everywhere and I wanted to post a little progression for you guys since I have nothing better to do.

I’ve always had a vision in my mind, and for various periods in my life it would become an almost Ryu level of obsession. I always found it fascinating to try and add some humanity back to coolguy robo figures by slapping a face on (those who remember me will mostly likely remember my love of slapping womens on various models first and foremost).

2011- Source Engine

Well doesn’t that look like shit. I’d made several other poses similar to this, but I refused to let the idea die because I was never satisfied with the result.

2012- Marmoset Toolbag

A noticeable improvement and the main reason I left Source Engine- I remember nothing left a worse taste in my mouth than the poor quality of lighting and shadow rendered out in Source- Now I can’t say this is Source’s fault as it’s a raster-based game engine and it does that job well. It’s still great for building a scene or even a world with how (arguably) accessible the engine is and not only the amazing variety and quantity of objects available but also support and content creators. Yet, as someone who primarily focuses on a character, it just wasn’t cutting it.

2014- VRay, DAZ (so sorry I needed a face)

My vision finally properly realized without the limitations of game engines, little has changed other than a touch more know how, artistic direction, but primarily quality light and shadow.

So I guess that’s it pretty much.

Really neat gif dude. You should upload that model to gmod if that’s even possible.

And again, that’s why I don’t like source. It took me a solid half hour to import everything into 3DSMax and get to work tweaking and rendering it. No need to create SMDs and QCs, make a collision hull, rename and weight bones, convert textures and assemble a VMT, you just import, texture, pose, render.

As for the actual model, I’ll bet someone has the BLR models either WIP or already released, and you can sub any old face for this one in Engine with the ol’ head-shrink trick and composite them together.

Sorry I’m not more helpful :\


that gif is really cool!

i usually dismiss most of the military robot anime girls as dirty weeb stuff, but i can make an exception

Hopefully this isn’t too creepy.

you should giver her a idle breathing animation.