The Jump

Second video thread posted on this site by me. This one is a DUUUUUUMB short comedy of a fearless Combine with nerves of steel, who is ready to attempt the jump to… THE OTHER SIDE :open_mouth:

The punch/slap sound from
“YOU SHITTIN’ ME?” - Billy Mays at the end of his “You don’t need a cabinet full of cleaners” bloopers
Short part of a song used at the end: Death - The Sound of Perservance
Moving Camera V1.5 addon - by lemming

Pretty stupid and random but one question. Is the music from the star trek generations?

chok chok
Te fuck? I don’t get it.

He hit himself in the face and bounced off the tower, then hit himself after he fell to the ground again.


It’s supposed to be over-epic and surprising, lol.

You need to find more sounds that peak our interest, these are to generic sounding