The Jumpmap

This is my first upload. Took some time to figure out how to make the ladders work though :stuck_out_tongue:
There is only one bug so far, and it is that the water in the tiny “pool” isn’t showing up. I have no idea why, actually :frowning:


You have a leak. And you need more lighting/brighter lights.

How did you find the leak? I couldn’t find it =/

Also that means my screen is waaay to bright. Because it look good for me.

Check to make sure the skybox covers the whole thing no gaps to the void

Snipped because people pointed out what I missed. Thanks, guys!

Fullbright? What?
And Water now showing up is a leak? I had that problem with gm_construct for a while. Was there a leak there too?

The reason it’s so dark… I don’t know. I might have a waaaay to bright screen then :frowning:

It’s dumb because you said it is fullbright when it clearly isn’t.

Not fullbright, he stated the purpose, cities are blocky in general.

And just because someone else made a good first map doesn’t mean you have to suddenly expect everyone else’s to be of the same quality.

However, there are a lot of maps that deal with cities better, which are better for jumping around. So it looks good, but it could be a little brighter, the skybox doesn’t match the lighting.

I guess lightning wasn’t too bad then…

And it’s not a leak, it’s that I ran it on “fast” when compiling.

Anyway, I won’t update this map. I have lots of other fun projects goin on :slight_smile:

Damn, I need to learn how too look better.
Too bad you won’t update it, though, gm_bigcity is getting bland :v:

Well, I never said I wouldn’t try and make a new map :wink:

Ah… more lights