The "Jungle" Teaser Trailer

I just made a little teaser trailer for my machinima that I am currently working on. It’s my first machinima ever, so don’t expect anything amazing…

Things you could improve :

Try filming after the ai_disabled text dissapears, or bypass it with a console command.

In many scenes you see the Counter Strike Source crosshair, you might of wanted to use a different weapon.

If they were sound effects, the dinosaurs sounded very low quality.

Overall, it was meh, 3/5. Keep working, you will get there :slight_smile:

Could have had more suspense to it

And Jmanbag, Dinosaurs ARE low quallity. Hah just kiddin.

So yeah Could have had more action, like dramatic close ups and maybe more drama at all :wink:

3/5 as well

Its just the trailer, and I didn’t have much time to film.

Well if you’re gonna make it crappy then dont make it at all.

Take some time to make it as best as you can.

It is a trailer for your movie after all. People are gonna think it’s bollocks if you make low quality trailers like that

I’m going to start working on a second trailer tomorrow. I’ll try to make it much better then this one; This one was mostly just a test to see how nice I could already make the videos.
But to successfully do the second one, I’ll need some help.

I, or hopefully someone else, will possibly make a map just for the machinima too.

That’s a pretty big requirement boy. Either you have to have a mapper friend or your machinimas are so good people want to work for you. So ruling out the latter option. Do you have a friend that can map?

I’ll have to ask them. I can map, it’s just I can’t test them…

And I didn’t mean I just needed help for mapping, I mostly need help for filming.

hud_saytext_time 0 to hide chat

Thanks. :slight_smile:

you have a long way to go.

Trailers are actually VERY important, so don’t make it shit, otherwise people will feel there is no hope in your video.

I know. I’ve even seen trailers that are more entertaining than the actual movie! lol

r_drawvgui 0

Hides everything.

Even the console

So you best bind a key to r_drawvgui 0 and 1 so you could revert.
You can blind test it but it might not work out :slight_smile:
Also hides the q menu ;D

Thats useless if it hides the q menu; you just don’t press q and voila!

Thanks anyways.

Oh, and some help with the catmull rom cameras? Whever I try to use them I just get a black screen…

Lol I just said that it hides Q menu so you wouldnt go wtf wheres mah q menu.

But yeh, hides EVERYTHING.

And youre probably using them incorrectly.

Place a few nodes and press the corresponding key

I tried just even 4 nodes, still won’t work.


The 1st node is like a… I donno base… So it doesnt actually start the camera from there.

And it needs 2 cameras on the end to be the finish (Also camera dont go there) So you got 1 camera in your chain. Try with 10

Yah I also tried with alot more… Bah, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Try reinstalling the addon, maybe you failed to do that somehow.

if that dont work, try with a vanilla gmod.

Vanilla gmod???