The Junkmobile (I'M BAAAAAAACK!)

Sup my fellow Facepunchers. I’ve been gone for a while. Actually, I’ve been gone for a LONG time, almost half a year. But I’m making a comeback, starting with this here Steampunkish, 8-wheeled car, er, thingy. This monster has 2 other versions, one is a hovercraft, the other is a boat. I may or may not upload pics/dupes for those. It’s got suspension, steering, steering wheel, It’s steampunk, ugly, and all that jewish crap. Anyway, here’s the monster:

Bitch about my graphics and I will KILL you.
My next contraption post will probably be the house I said I was gonna build.

Image tags fixed!

Cool story, cool car. Not so cool graphics. bro.

O, I saw this on Sax’s.
Looks better now :3

You were never even gone. Bad you.

Nice, poor graphics tho. XD

Yeah, my graphics are still shit, I only do it to get the most FPS out of the game, otherwise I would put the graphics up. Anyway, can anyone tell me how to embed images?


Image URL


No, that doesn’t work anymore.

THat’s because you’re using the wrong URL.


Thats why it says "DR."Nick.

Looks alright, but fix that material!

screams “road warrior”

it’s alrite, I like the shape. I really don’t like all the bathtubs, but that’s just me. Looks pretty nice.

Whats your name?

Cool car.

My Gmod name is Le Meeph.

Steam name iced332.

I was more thinking about your real-life name because you look like someone in my class :v:

Oh, that ain’t me in that picture, it’s some kid from the Fatpunch thread :stuck_out_tongue:

hm… reminds me about very old racing game - POD

also-kewl car )

Apparently Meeph though about what you said Kp3, so he had a new avatar that shows his face.

You changed avatar…

NOW it’s you in the picture, right?