The K Virus

I know about the tv image a little off and somethings are spelled wrong… lol, fixing it in a bit

Hide inside the TV with your shotgun.

maby he doesn’t have a shotgun

you might want to put INTERACTIVE in the title


then get his gun and hide i nthe tv.

You cant hide in a TV.

Hide in the TV.

You suuuuure ?
Then : Break the TV, and get inside with your gun.

ok serious answers please

We were serious.
Ok, i guess mister doesn’t want my awesome idea, so let’s choose a classic idea :
Get outside to shoot some zombies.

I still think he should take out the screen and hide in the TV.

I think that’s a retarded idea.
(according to your avatar, you’ll get the joke :v: )

IF: the gun is a sniper, open your window and shoot zombies.
IFNOT: Board up doors and windows, but have a secret way to get in/out.

This is a interactive comic right? You should at least point that out in the topic’s title =]

Go and get infected with the K virus and become “calabilistic”. /sarcasm

Grab your illegally purchased Uzi and kill some calabilistics.

Go buy a benneli m3 super90,hk g3,beratta m92 falcon,hk psg1,hk mp5,join up with people and eat pizza from za freeza

Judging from the blood in his kitchen, there’s already a zombie inside. Kill him.

Lol he was just chopping off a chickens head a second ago…

Comic comming soon


Grab the guns then find your fat friend and head to the wincheaster tavern.

Shaun of the Dead.

Rated late for incredibly generic interactive comic with bad story that ruins this section.