The Kardashev Scale - Types of hypothetical clans in Garry's Mod

There are tons of clans on Garry’s Mod, some focusing on ACF, Wiremod, and E2, but. What kind of power can a group/clan truly have? well today i’m going to try and solve that by applying the Kardashev Scale into Garry’s Mod. Some of this may be inaccurate keep in mind. THIS IS NOT RP THIS IS ONLY SHITPOST AND MY PERSONAL SPECULATION

Type 0 (this box makes up the lesser developed clans/groups)
Type 0.00-0.50:
Usually where small militias and throwaway combine groups are. Basic wiremod and ACF may reside here.

Type 0.50-0.99:
Advanced ACF, Wiremod, and E2 takes place here. A sort of technological adolescence.

Type 1:
Clan/Group has achieved complete control of its mainserver and its many players. Lag machines, advanced ACF, and wiremod is commonplace. Even this clan has little power compared to the later types of clans.

Type 2:
Clan/Group has complete control over multiple servers and multiple groups. Using memes, currency, and even tech as a sort of power source, and can transport and channel these to each conquered server. (depends on which gamemode) This clan can control every aspect of each server available to them. Invade any server at their will, and essentially do whatever they want. The amount of power is remarkable but is nothing compared to a Type 3 clan.

Type 3:
Clan/Group has complete control over its entire host gamemode and all of the clans in said gamemode. The amount of power this clan would have would be truly frightening, this kind of clan would function very similar to a Type 2. It would harness memes, currency, and tech just like a Type 2. Not only for 1 server but for tens even hundreds of servers. A clan like this would use servers like legos, constantly building and deconstructing servers to suit their empire. Elsewhere in Garry’s Mod. Their main gamemode would seemingly become their playground, and everything they do or use would merely be toys to them.

Type 4:
Clan/Group has control over multiple gamemodes and possibly hundreds of clans. The amount of power a clan like this would have would be incomprehensible to some players.

Type 5:
Clan/Group has achieved the complete domination of Garry’s Mod. Once you join you will be greeted by clan members. A clan like this would be somewhere in the realm of sci-fi. Even I have a hard time a clan like this could actually happen.

What do you guys think? could such a clan even exist? Leave a reply down below and I will be sure to read them.


Shhhhh, don’t let the Big Server Men know that we are able to see their movements. They’ll just distact the players again with some form of donation drive on their servers, and proclaim that a conflict between another community requires them to upgrade their hosts to protect against DDOS attacks!


Seriously though, it’s a well known fact that several GMod communities are linked up at the top, if only in a semi-autonomous type deal.