The Key System

How do you like the key system?

It’s going to be interesting. Not actually from a game perspective, but from a modding perspective.

If you don’t know, Rust keeps an ownerid on each item you place in game (well, most of them). It seems the new Rust 2.0 is removing this. I can see why, and I don’t really have an issue with that. The problem comes when people start modding the game. How are we going to do things like door share, base share etc when there is no owners?

Why not keep ownerid in Garry without actually using it, for future modding?


As an initial way to having a secure door and in the early stages of building in the game… I don’t mind it but can see how it also might not work well. I can see a lot of people will probably just not use it or simply leave their keys at home and dying to get inside again as it seems to be a better idea than running around with your keys in your pocket for someone to grab which, I guess, ultimately makes the idea of even having the key’d door in its current form in the game pretty redundant.
You could have ‘small stashes’ again or something similar giving you the ability to hide your key nearby so you don’t have to walk around with it but also opens up for someone to search and potentially find your keys.

The experimental versions door is currently ‘clunky’ and very slow to use but I understand that it is a baseline and what you could refer to as a ‘tier 1’ door – its supposed to be crap. I still do feel as though it needs to be functional to even bother putting it in. I personally would VERY rarely use a wood door in the old rust. I always found them pointless and useless but that came to metal doors not being hard to get, even back in the days when you didn’t start with the blueprint.

Maybe the idea could be enhanced a little though to make the doors more useful and have a feature to ‘replace the lock’ in order to make those old lost set of keys useless to any would be aggressor/thief. To do that though… i’m figuring you’d need to make the door ‘know’ that it belongs to whomever placed it so anyone couldn’t just come and replace the lock… but hey that could be an interesting game mechanic for a hostile home takeover. Too many tangents of thought here though :wink:

You could make that replacing of the lock take the same time to make an original key or even double it or something so as to give a little advantage to the person who has killed another player and taken their keys.

Key locking doors could also mean picking locks so you could sneak into someones home to steal all their stuff and murder them in their sleep for food and boney bits :wink:

As long as everybody is forced to carry their keys with them, and the key lock can be upgraded to the way legacy currently works at some point, I’m happy with it. More risk means less people willing to be psycopaths.

If you have to carry the key around with you all the time, I can see this as almost a grinding headache.

I guess they have to find your house… it seems like a very micro management way of handling doors at the moment.

There would be a huge amount of risk to carry those around with you. I can see a huge amount of fire fights, and over taking of bases though.

I’m going to wait to see how it works, but I think it will be an issue, especially if things like Explosive Charges are in the game and someone can just blow a door with those. Right now, people put lots of doors in their bases to secure their stuff. If each door needs its own key, you have to carry around a lot or stash them next to each door.

As for modding, without yet seeing the source, I’d say you’d be able to tap into the event for a given door / key use. Doing so would then allow a script to handle the event in whatever way you want.

Get rid of sleeping bags/beds.

You die, you re-spawn somewhere random and have to make your way back to your base.

This would hugely increase the consequence of death in Rust (something which, at the moment, I feel is lacking) and help steer the game back towards ‘survival’ rather than FPS. This would also stop people making a mockery of the key system by leaving their key at home and suiciding back inside.

if the map is as epically huge as it is now, I think there will be very few people playing Rust.

Should be an option though…

I’d love to see the removal of sleeping bags and beds for all the reasons you stated and also to introduce a penalty for raiders and defenders that get killed in the process of raiding. Why should raiders that get killed simply respawn at a temporary base, run back and pick their stuff back up? Why should defenders that get killed be able to respawn inside only to instantly gear up again? Sleeping bags and beds negate the penalty of death to an extent.

Edit: once the issues stated in the quoted text are addressed, then I would love the key idea.

well you could always make a 1 bag limit while keeping the respawn lockout. that way if someone destroys your sleeping bag, that’s it. it’s a second chance, not a wormhole;) and it would make players more cautious about where they place their sleeping bag.

I’m going to camp peoples doors and murder them and take their keys and homes as soon as they leave their house. It sounds so much easier than building my own.

My problem is this…I make a key, I carry it with me…I get killed…dude steals my key but doesn’t know where I live…so now there’s a house left to rot.

so far i have stolen about 7 houses by breaking down the locked doors or a nearby wall. it’s really not that big a deal having keys, guys. they just need to make the open/close a press, and lock/unlock a hold of the use button so it can be done more efficiently;)

Hopefully it will get harder to enter someones house.
Banging on the wall 35 times seems too easy.

Like upgrading the wall…?

It would be nice with a bit more effort needed at the basic wooden wall. Why even build it if fresh spawns can almost walk through the house? Its like an advertisement: Come to the house and walk into it for some human flesh!

So there is a door key now you can place on doors. I assume this is to get around the context menus?

I think it’s an absolutely amazing idea in theory. In practise, not sure. Might see a lot more suicide bases going up?

I dont mind it i will never bring key outside of my house tho, will just leave it inside and suicide back in and grab gear. As for suicide bases hopefully when they bring out explosives they will allow you to destroy ceilings and not just walls.

We should be able to customize the name/number of a key, so perhaps I could carry 50 keys on me-- all with different “numbers/names” and only one of them will open my front door. As long as I get killed far from home, the chances are you will never determine the precise key that opens my front door. However, I’ll know that key# “A234” opens my door.

Carrying around a bunch of dummy keys might work.

Maybe, just maybe, we can all crawl out of our sheltered worlds and embrace the danger.

Suicide bases? really? That is your answer?

Build a town and designate a key holder who holds onto all the keys when the other players are away.

Always keep one person at the house “on guard” who opens the door so you don’t have to carry a key.

Hide the key in a secret stash outside.

Build a complex series of unlocked doors (maze) that leads to the room where you keep the key.
Each room containing a box and a key.

Figure it out.