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first of all I think its not a bad idea to design a key system like you did but I still want to share my opinion on it because I feel kinda neglected (don’t know if its the right word, I hope u all know what I mean).
I never was a huge content creator because I loved to create stuff for my servers or to start another project I might abandon later. As of the first time we heard of S&Box we were hyped af and we followed the changelogs like little kids would do with a series they like. The first key drop was ( ofc ) disappointing for us because it was only given out to experienced people which made themselves a name in the community ( don’t get it wrong it was the best step the dev team could make because of the feedback from experienced people ).
So we hoped for the next drop where ( hopefully ) some people which are very interested could get a key. Nope.
So, same procedure as every drop, still the huge content creators will get the keys but I have to wait months to get one ( and I didn’t include all those creators which will register in those months before me because they have a decent workshop which means that I don’t even know how long it will take ). I understand that those content creators will get those keys because of they’re work and secondly its a great system to avoid all those bots etc but we followed everything from S&Box and my whole team is so hyped to work on it, still there is no chance for us to get even near it in the next months. I would love to see a application site where those keys are given out to people which doesn’t have a dope workshop but would love to work on it. A Random selection would be difficult, I understand that but wouldn’t a application/time system combined with ur system which concentrates on the workshop/experience/skill would be great?
I would love to see a chance for us and many people like us to get our hands on a key in the near future.
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I saw the post about the site/‘drop’ fairly quickly, actually so quick that I ended up being 436/11K. But when the hype began, they reset the queue, and let all the other in before me. Now I’m 2000+ and it’s still increasing… It just doesn’t feel right. I have been hyped about trying it, I even wanted to make some cool assets for it and stayed updated. When the ‘release’ got announced I was there quickly, while some of the workshop content creators just had to wait, so they could get in front. All I just wanted was to get at good feeling about it, and make some assets, guess that’s impossible.

People can add accounts as ‘co-owner’ on any workshop content, created before 20July, and it will count, which results in them getting in front of the line.


There was a time where all you needed to get a key was ask a random guy to nominate you, and some odd 95% would get a key, despite having shitty portfolios, you should’ve informed yourself on how the system worked, anyone that tried to their earnest to get in got in, if you didn’t and are now waiting for thousands at the back of the queue, then know that it’s your fault.




Overtaking is a bad thing everyone knows except Garry…

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No nooo! But I want to try this new game that looks like Gmod 2, play around with the unfinished gamemodes, and then never open it again! Why is my place going to someone who will make content for the game???


Actually true, if there was Having key i would just gave to somebody Who actualy would do something cool in Sandbox, in fact because i Just want to try the mapping tool of the Sandbox(and S2 in main), im not good with coding, Pretty poor Skill.

So you want a key so you can start a project you will abandon, or you want one to create private content for your own server?

Tough. Wait for the actual game to be released.

This is a developer preview . Not a game, not a beta, not even an alpha. A content and feature lacking preview used for bug finding and feature testing.


But a guys like “FriteDeMcdo” (a french player), who have no knowledge of dev can obtain a key and say many bullshit about this game in this video…


(I’m sorry if my english is bad)

Have a nice day everyone

It’s already abused.
Spam workshop have few accounts or friends who will like your stuff wait a bit your score will go up, easy access.
Workshop score isn’t really good and it will flood workshop.

i would rather pay for access then wait…

He already thought about that because he know that a lot of people will buy it even in this state, but he coudn’t do it

What ? So they give him engine to make product and now they don’t let him sell it ? … :smiley:

That’s because when we say that pretty much anyone could get a key if they tried, we meant it.

If you had the following and wanted to make videos about “Gmod 2” and how it’s a “Super secret project”, you could make stuff up and get a key.

Really, the only thing stopping anyone from getting a key was being bad at communication or not knowing S&box existed / not interested enough.

Oh cmon it was a gag. I don’t know if u code but if you do, u can’t tell me that you never abandoned any project.

The last few years we had to shut down our gmod servers because of lack of players and we were forced to switch to arma 3 altis/… life and FiveM. We coded the hell out of those servers but it never was the same as gmod (obviously). With s&box we wanted to get back to the gmod community and we just hoped that we somehow could take a place in the development of s&box because we love gmod and would love to get back to our roots. Thats all.

And @xezno I dont rely on my human right to get immediate access to this game… I know that we could contribute to the project because of lots and lots of years in sandbox/rp games and that’s why I wanted to criticize the key system. Because I know that there are many more people like us out there who would spend days in an unfinished game to beat the hell out of it. We don’t want this game for free or anything but to contribute.

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im gonna be honest, ive friends that only want to use sbox-dev.exe for the source 2 tools only, not actually play the game yet, but use the other stuff that hla doesnt have

That’s the sort of people facepunch want at the moment, since there is no actual game content in s&box yet…

I sort of agree with you (sort of?)

I’ve been spending the recent months working on some assets and trying to force myself to branch out and explore c# so I could hopefully be able to use those assets in a functional way.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to release anything about those assets because I’m too nitpicky and critical against myself to the point of delusion to actually just release them. Watching people get the game (some of whom I felt didn’t deserve access in the first place, because of their behaviour and lack of knowledge) has been infuriating.

However, those very people have access to the game (well, most of them anyway) because of their willingness to release products when they are functional. Yes, there are people like you and I who have been spending the same amount of hours in the development tools as the people with keys but we have not released anything to show for it.
Unfortunately this current “beta” stage of the game requires that people just release-release-release regardless of quality to test and make sure that the game is functional in all aspects before the perfectionists get their hands on it.

This current key system is far from perfect, but there will never be a “perfect” key system because of the automatic lack of fairness that stems from placing people in the lower ranks.

All we can do now is continue to perfect what we have been working on, and look into the source 2 tools to familiarize ourselves with what we can work with once the game arrives while the keys are given out to people who have placed their work in the smartest place for it to be, the steam workshop.

Additionally, we can “disconnect” and choose to avoid mentions of place in the queue to stop ourselves from letting any childish envy and rage seep out and destroy relations.

TL;DR: “Keys” are given out to the people who demonstrate ability to post consistent content, which is what the game needs. What we can do is work on what we have so far, and distance ourselves from hyper-fixating on the game and creating problems.

I don’t usually post, but just thought I’d share this while I was still able to think about it.

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With the new game, new blood is definitely needed. Although, it is hard to tell who is here to create or not, they still need a chance.

Reminds me of sovereign citizens and their universal right to “travel” and calling the use of a motor vehicle “travelling.” not driving.