The Khajiit Prophecy - an Elder Scrolls Christmas Comic by CK (starring a digital Morgan Freeman)

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to be bedazzled, astounded, and otherwise stupefied because this comic is freaking bigger than the Gimli comic I did before. I’m counting 30 megabytes. So it may take some time to fully load.

Have a Merry Christmas. I am off for the holidays.

**Special thanks to: **

**NinjaNub **for faceposable Dovahkiin
**Mask **for office props
**Znalec **for Skyrim props

Just wait until they start assembling sweatshops in Seyda Neen…

i demand a sequel

Man, blood sacraments are super cheap now days, aren’t they?

SPEECH BUBBLES!!!… sometimes. I’ll take what I can get.

Once again a thoroughly enjoyable read. I applaud your ability to not only keep releasing these on a regular basis, but actually make such a massive comic so soon after the last one!

This made my Christmas.
Giggles and laughter all around.
Fantastic work, sir.

this is friggin’ awesome! those jokes and puns. great show!!

First time I’ve enjoyed a comic, I never find them funny. Great job man!


That was bloody awesome CK, merry X-mas by the way!

Could I get the piece of the comic with the Khajiit thinking “He must be either crazy or desperate” in wallpaper size?

Oh look, Reddit found this old ass thread.
Slow motherfuckers :v:

Now we’re going to have a huge wave of new shitty users joining.

Why, to comment in this thread when they have their own thread going?
Don’t really think we’ll be seeing a lot of that.

Oh my, there’s people actually noticing this section.

I’m fine with this. This was a great comic and it was a joy to read it again.

At least he actually linked to the actual thread, unlike most redditors who’ll just repost it to imgur without credit.

Yeah, I wouldn’t do that. I just thought the picture was funny. All credit goes to ck.

At least that thread’s OP is considerate, I’ll give him that.

“From the same guy who made “unforeseen modsequences”?” Apparently people saw that as well.

I think since Garry made the forums public I guess we will have more of these leaks now.

You’re saying that like it’s a bad thing, more people are enjoying your content.