The kidnapped Heavy...

Used some Photoshop blurring to get rid of the jagged lines :smiley:

The BLU Heavy’s (un)luckyness never seems to end. He’s now been kidnapped by a Spy, who is trying to squeese out some information…

Constructive critiscism please :slight_smile:

There was a Sasha in the picture., which was on the ground. I must’ve forgotten about her when I made the pic :frowning:

Dont run the game in DX 7. That’s pretty much all i can say.

If I ran it in DX 7, the models would be fucked up and look like someone throw up on them.

I’m running it in DX 100 (DirectX 10 ftw :3) and Medium graphics.

Source doesn’t support dx10 yet. When you take screen shots etc. you need to have it on full, doesn’t matter if you have low fps, as long as you get a good final shot.

Weird? When I go to Graphical settings and all that, it says “DirecX 10.0” :confused:

You’re caught now, buddy



Uh, what?

Your mother.

No u.

Stop makeing TF2 pictures, make something else for a change.

Get back on topic.
Work on posing a little bit and we all know you ran it in DX7 so change that next time around.
Keep up the good work.


People can make whatever they want…

As said, graphics are awful, and practice posing.

Keep at it brah

Faceposing is shit as well.

Also, does the spy look like a monkey to you guys too?

Now that you mentioned it. :v:

Hold on a moment, I’ll make a screenshot of what the TF2 models look like in DX7…


THIS is what the Heavy Weapons Guy looks like in DX7:



i laughed at sandwich :chef: :biggrin: :burger:

Sanchich is le STABBED!