The Killing Fields (Oxide, PVP, Sleeper, 1/2 craft, 24/7 Admin, No Hackers)

Come join our Killing Fields for a great new Rust experience! This is an East Coast US 200 slot server.

In the console of your game type the following to connect: net.connect

These are some of the things you can look forward to as a member of The Killing Fields
24/7 Uptime
24/7 Admins
No Admin Abuse
No Admin Greifing
Oxide Mod (Door Share, Kill Announce, some others)
Admin created Arena for battles
Constantly Updated
Fresh Community

Our group of admins have varying schedule and it allows us to be on 24/7. We keep the server clean and hacker free, and are looking for more people to come help grow our community! See you in the fields!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))