The King from the Zelda CD-i games

I’m requesting King Harkinian from the Terrible Zelda CD-i games

Well for one thing it might help if you actually found his real name first.

It’s King Harkinian.



I support your cause Mah Boy.
As long as I can get some dinner.

I don’t care for it too much, but there is a King skin for the TF2 Heavy.

If there are any characters from YTP have ACTUALLY have a shot at getting into Gmod, it would probably be the following:

[release]+ King Harkinian
+ Gwoman
+ I.M. Meen (There’s a 3D model of his head on Youtube, so… I guess it’s worth a try.)
+ Gannon (the CD-i version of him, of course)
+ Morshu[/release]

As far as “popularity” goes, these guys are best off being worked on first (if that ever happens, though). Other characters such as the many variations of Mario and Luigi would probably not generate as much demand right away.

I’m all the way for an actual King model. It would take plenty of time to customize one, but may as well be worth the wait.

Support mah boy!

good idea but he is cdi and that is 2d you would have to start from scratch


Gosh, we didn’t fuckin’ know.

There is a SVR 2011 version of the king, heres the vid