The Knight in Shining Armor

My 4th GIF, this time with editing. Somehow I magically managed to reduce it to 619 KB. This one has 3 images (1,2,3+2 repeat, so technical 4) so PLEASE TELL ME HOW FAST IT LOADS FOR YOU.

Without motion sickness :

that man is about to fuck shit up

made into a wallpaper
death fucking metal

To be honest i don’t like the 3D effect at all in this one, seems that you could’ve done something more interesting because right now it’s rather bland.
There’s alot of empty space and the 3D effect doesn’t conribute with anything interesting to the scene itself.

this is weird as to look at while high man have a artustic

Problem solved

This was actually one of the originals, I had empty space because if you do a 3d gif with stuff in the background, it starts to really jitter a lot and make it feel unreal when background objects are far away. A very good example is to focus on the tree in the LOWER RIGHT of the first gif and see how it jitters as the pictures rotate. This forces me to usually have a background that can merge with all the images ( either the sky, fog, or darkness.

i don’t really get the 3d effect, i have yet to see one that doesn’t come across as gimmicky