The Knights of Italy - by CK Part 2

Continued from Part 1


A very original epic.
Didn’t like how you did the blood effects. Liked everything else. Rated winner.

Not really a fan of the humour, but it looks pretty good.

Fucking amazing CK.

I have enjoyed both parts and as always awesome!

Truly fantastic from start to end!

Would rate 11/10.

How come two parts?

Absolutely incredible. Incredible quality and hilarious to the end.

Thought it was pretty damn funny myself great job.

Truly amazing as the usual!

You can take out the text from every picture here and make a thread out of it, dayum
u win my heart

I can only upload a max of 65 images. I have close to 100 overall so I had to split it in two.

Ranks right up there with INQUISITION!.