The -Known Exploit- thread. Time to put it all out on the table. (Videos/Instructions included)

This thread will contain every known base raiding exploit in Rust Experimental. Tired of people walking through walls and getting in your base, griefing all your doors, etc… even though you’ve done everything you know to prevent this from happening? Well, I’m here to show you how these are being done currently, with the hopes that it will make you waste less time in the game doing things that are meaningless, and possibly light a fire under developers that have control over fixing these things to prevent a simple bit of knowledge/technique from toppling your shiny LV 6 base.

This is intended to be a constructive thread, with each and every exploit reported in the proper bug/exploit reporting section with the video link as well. I’ll search to make sure it’s listed already before posting a new bug/exploit report because 90% of the ones in that section are repeats of eachother. I am aware that this needlessly adds to the time it takes for these reports to get attention from the developers.

Links to the proper bug report thread will be provided below each listed exploit, and I highly suggest that you vote them up in their respective bug report threads if you would like to see these exploits fixed.

Another thing that I think needs to be said, is that these exploits may not be a high priority for FacePunch to fix. The building system that is in the game currently is a tentative one, meaning it could change any day, thus making any work that the developers do towards fixing these exploits end up being wasted time for them because of this. There should be no sense of entitlement for rust players to have any of these addressed in a timely manner, but they may help you decide on a better way to build in the current system, if you decide to play it with the current exploits.


Exploit #1 - How to get through any level wall in a matter of seconds (the wall exploit glitch):

There are other variations on this method-- here is one of them outlined in a stream clip I saw linked in the bug/suggestion section:

-Ways to counter this exploit-

Obviously, for a one level base, the best way to prevent this from happening is to make foundation steps anywhere you can around the base, and make foundations/steps in the ground around the base so people can’t build next to you. Make sure you test foundation triangles around your base too, as this small oversight on your part could jeopardize the whole thing and/or make your base griefable. A current bug with triangle foundations lets people actually build them on top of foundation stairs, also.

For bases that are built with more than one level, you could make platforms hanging off the side of your base and fill them with railings to prevent people from building on them, thus eliminating the possibility of them building walls to perform this exploit. I suggest railings instead of building additional walls because railings cannot have other platforms/floors built on them, like walls allow for.

Another method could be to build triangle foundations/triangle floors off of your main foundations/walls with ladders on both ends of the triangles not touching your base. This would work better with a circular designed base, and could cost considerably less to level up than a bunch of railings on a regular foundation.

Create a trap by building walls inside and breaking the foundation under them so they cannot be built on and the glitcher gets stuck in the gap.

-Vote For This Exploit To Be Fixed!-

(Thanks to “sendjes” for the link!)


Exploit #2 - Use a foundation (may sometimes require a sleeping bag under the foundation, also) to glitch into a base:

-Ways to counter this exploit-

  1. Make sure your foundations are low to the ground without large sides facing outwards that are high enough for people to walk/crouch/glitch under.

  2. Build foundation stairs/foundation triangles with ladders around the base and level them up fully so people cannot break them quickly and build foundations there.

  3. Build on a rock or somewhere else where foundations cannot be built alongside your foundations.

-Vote For This Exploit To Be Fixed!-


<in progress…>

Exploit #3 Use a sleeping bag to glitch into rocks and make a base there

Exploit #4 Loot players through floors if you are standing directly below them

Exploit #5 Use a railing to jump through a floor

Exploit #6 Build a foundation on top of a sleeping bag/storage boxes to have an invisible/hard to get to spawn/containers.

<to be continued…>

Please keep posting links to the bug section where we can up-vote these exploits to be fixed. I realize this doesn’t mean they will automatically be a high priority, but at least FP can get an idea of how important they are to the players.

I hope this speeds up the fixing! :slight_smile:

If anyone has any additional glitches (or ways to counter them) they would like to see listed here/instructions on how to do, feel free to ask in the comments. I’ll add them as soon as possible.

I apologize for my bad English
propose to introduce external foundation that will block the ability to build

You’ll want to aim that proposal to the bug/suggestion forum. I suggest searching first to see if there are similar suggestions so you can simply up vote the appropriate one there.

Jumping through floors
You can use the railings to aid you to be able jump up through the floors, very easy to do.

Reported by Igor Shephard

Well dang… Kinda makes playing the game pointless now… I hope they fix **all **of this soon, and not just say “it’s in alpha bla bla bla”… or ignore it all together… :words:

I do have a glitch to add though. This also worked in legacy… Anyway, you can place a sleeping bag on the ground then build your foundation or something over it. Doing this makes your spawn pretty much safe if someone were to break in… A fix would be not allowing building on/near sleeping bags.

Also you can put sleeping bags under some rocks and spawn in side them. You can then build massive bases inside these huge rocks and no one would see them. You can shoot out from the rock, but people can’t shoot you inside or see you. Pretty damn game breaking if you ask me… A potential fix would be not allowing the placing of sleeping bags/buildings on the ground INSIDE the actual rock (where no one should be able to go anyway).

the foundations can be broken now though, so its not as gamebreaking; not so say it won’t be phased out, but it’s at least not as bad as the legacy equivalent.

I have not been able to do the glitch jumping on the railing through the floor, and also have had problems looting through floors after some testing last night. Maybe these were fixed or there are specific conditions that need to be met that aren’t ovbious to achieve them… I’ve looted through floors before with people online and sleepers so that is the most perplexing for me. Maybe it’s fixed?

@MordecaiW; you have to place the railings just right. Place exactly like in this video that Wartai posted.

I have been able to loot through a wall before (few days ago), but I couldn’t nail down the exact steps to reproduce the glitch.

Thanks to the attention this has gotten and all of the upvotes on the bug report forum, the new update has specifically addressed the wall-glitching bugs!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for these exploits to be fixed, & I look forward to playing the game without worrying about them! (though, who knows what other bugs and exploits are gonna pop up…)

Biggest problem is for some chucklefuck throwing up a level six wall outside your front door.

I know that collaborative building is awesome, but I would suggest only the OB (original builder) being able to build on the square in front of the front door.

Build foundation steps to prevent them from building that wall then. If it’s an upstairs door, build railings around the door that prevent people building right in front of it.

There is/was a glitch that allows people to build foundation triangles on top of foundation steps, potentially allowing for griefing also, so try and triangles in front of your door on your stairs, possibly with some railings if it is buildable to prevent griefing.


It took you that many attempts to get it right? I always get it on the first try :v

Don’t build foundation steps or any foundation directly beside your building or each other. Leave gaps in between them. This leaves a path to walk in case the foundation is griefed.

I think most of these have been addressed now. I tried to recreate all the glitches in this thread last night, and couldn’t achieve any of them, despite numerous attempts…

Here’s one I stumbled across the other day and don’t know if this exploit has been discussed…

Craft a campfire or furnace. Drop it, don’t place it. Click on it and it gives you the option to open it. Load it up like you would a placed one and then the next time you click it, it give you the option to ignite it. The. Just pick it up and run around with a cooking campfire or furnace in your pocket. Then drop it sometime later and get your stuff out of it. Additionally, they have no sound so they can’t be heard like normally placed campfires and furnaces.

You can also just leave them on the ground and they work the same way, though with the new decay that won’t do you any good.

Also, this works with wooden storage boxes too, effectively giving you a 6x multiplier on the number of inventory slots you have.

Somehow I don’t think these items were intended to be this way.

Sorry to those using this exploit if this gets it eliminated.