The Kraken

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This picture is a result of the Reaper Doomsday Device, some kind of the Starkiller, that occurred to me. In addition, I wanted to see if I can fix some major mistakes I’ve made with my first space-picture, “As They Come” ( All in all, in my opinion it’s better than the previous one, but still there are a lot of work to do.

Synopsis is that the reapers have a unique unit, the massive motherfucker, that destroys the worlds which are problematic to capture. So bye-bye, sweet Earth, it’s been some wonderful 4,5 billion years, darling.


Posed in Garry’s Mod, edited via Photoshop

This is now my desktop background.


Holy shit yes.

Yikes, could you downsize that a bit and thumbnail the original big one instead?
It’s kind of annoying to have to scroll whenever a laptop user gets onto this page

you’ve improved a lot

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i’m having to scroll on a 1680x1050 so it’s not just laptops

No problem. Could you suggest me how to do it the better way?

use the photoshop resize image thingy, resize it to 1320x728, save it as [filename] with small added alongside and use

tags to include the big one thumbed

It looks pretty awesome, but I’m not really digging the low contrast and weight of the nebulae in the back.
They’re heavy and saturated enough in a contrasting color that it detracts the eyes from the foreground, and makes the image seem really busy. It makes it a little confusing to see what-all is going on.
If the contrast overall weren’t so low, the editing would appear quite a bit more impressive, since you’d have strong whites accenting the blasts and beams.

Is the background planet homemade, or stock?

Oh, I see. Didn’t know Facepunch forums have this feature.

Few different layers. About 4, I believe.

Awesome stuff. I love space.

Honestly my first thought was “oh here’s someone who’s just taken some official artwork for ME3 and pasted it here saying it’s their own” but I’ve seen your stuff before and I didn’t really believe it so I went to the comparison…


I love it but the background does look a bit grainy and does take away slightly from the foreground action. Brilliant nonetheless.

Holy fuck…

jesus christ gray highlights everywhere
this might sound like i’m just hating on this specific issue but it ruins the pic for me

the lasers still don’t glow properly btw

wait what holy shit, i didn’t see the reaper was that gigantic

Yeah, you’re right. Gray highlights are my neverending doom.

Mass Effect 4: The Clusterfuck. Shepards come back with his Reapers(if you decided to control them of course) to get custody of his and Liara’s love child. Anyway this is freaking amazing, you just don’t see many space, air or vehicle battles on here. Kinda also reminded me of the opening space battle in Episode 3, also speaking of the Doomsday Device, the Reaper in the far left looks the one from Star Trek: ToS.

don’t worry otherwise it’s pretty fantastic

Oh shit, I just realized that it was shooting its way through Earth.
Thats one big motherfucker. This still would have been a better ending to ME3 imo. :v:

Nice work mang. Shame about the grey highlights, but other then that it’s an awesome idea!