''The Krauts are coming from everywhere.''

Yeah another WWII pose, I want faceposeble germans so it doesn’t have to be off-screen! C&C please.

Song for all COD and COD: uo lovers out there, skip to 1:42.


Sadistic machine gunners are win.

Why did I get 3 funny’s, it not meant to be funny.


Amen to that brother :smug:.

Faceposing looks ridiculous.
Fish-eyed camera-angle makes the MG look huge.
Bloom/contrast combination is excessive.
Too many shells and they look to be flying out of some sort of bucket, rather than an ejection port, looking at the illogical trajectories.

Looks like he’s having alot of fun.

To many shells? A mg-42 fires 900-1000 rounds per minute, some people say that you don’t hear a gun but a piece of paper torn appart because it’s rate of fire is super fast.

Yeah, but it doesn’t erect them all at the same fucking time

dat ass.


smoke is way too opaque
bloom hurts eyes

That doesn’t mean that the shells eject in a 180 degree arc simultaneously.