The KRusty Krab |PVP| No Sleepers

Hello Everyone!
I would first like to thank all of our players on our server, for it has been growing successfully! For those of you that don’t know, I would like to tell you about our unique server in Rust. Our server is set up in two groups, heroes and bandits. The heroes try to eliminate bandits and vice versa. However, heroes usually win (by counterattacking), but bandits can win as well. If you would like to join us, we would be more than happy to help you out and if you have any questions let me know. We hope you give the server a try! The server info is listed below.

NAME: The KRusty Krab |PVP| No Sleepers
NOTE: The Server is listed under the Modded Tab

Again, let me know if you have any questions! Experienced and inexperienced players are welcome!


Love this server! Almost everyone has been REALLY helpful and kind. It’s a very friendly server that welcomes players new and old of all skill level! There’s the odd bad seed now and again but when it happens the players scare them off. Definitely a recommended server!

I enjoy going around and killing bandits on every attack they make. For heroes, run for Goodbury! We can battle bandits together!

great server, but there’s a few players who I believe aren’t playing fairly.

I had a player “TheManInUrPC”, I believe, who we got into a firefight. He may or may not have legitimately killed me, I understood.

I camp respawned, got a back up weapon, and he tells me “I got trapped in your gate, let me out”, and I hadn’t caught his name before so I wasn’t sure

I led him through the house to the middle part, all locked behind ~10 metal doors, and aimed at the head, and shot all 24 rounds from the M4 into his head/upper torso.

He then turns around, and shoots me in the face killing me with 1 or 2 bullets.

Then, he blows up every single door with ~2 C4 each.

With one of his friends, WHO WASN’T LED TO THE ROOM NOR SEEN

First of all, you left your gate open for me to get trapped in. When you closed it, I was in the back of the house. Second, you never shot me in the head ONCE. I also was carrying at least 10 medkits with 5 large ones to boot. The only thing that was not legitimate during that whole event was the admin coming over and helping me escape from your house with some spawned in C4. Otherwise, you simply got the bad end dude.

Hey Jaz,
I am sorry for this incident. I can assure you, he did not have any powers or hacks. I spent some time going through the server logs, and some lag spikes occurred throughout the day. Personally, I am sorry for what happened, and if it happens again, let me know! If you have any other suggestions, reply and I will contact you ASAP. Have a good day Jaz!

wait, the admin spawns c4 for friends in traps (and admits that shit online)? you don’t make the guy’s friends rescue him?

Well, when everyone comes out and says they don’t have enough C4 to blow 10 metal doors…then the admin probably should come get my ass out of there with some spawn codes. The admin hasn’t abused players in any manner, so I would not be concerned over this incident. You can go ask players on the server if you want. There is usually 50 online regulars and they will defend it.

My friend was in the same room and confirms that he saw me shoot you directly in the head at least 8 times.

Plus what kind of bullshit is that? You need an admin to come save you because YOU walked into a trap?

How the fuck is that anywhere near fair to me or my friends? YOU get saved because your retarded, but WE get fucked because I got you to walk into the middle room of my house?

No, you got fucked for your stupidity on being a bandit. YOU got fucked because of a lag spike. Also, when I see a headshot from a second-person point of view, you DON’T see a headshot. A headshot is indicated by a FACEPUNCH sound. YOU missed those headshots and YOU died. Being trapped might be my fault, but I was NOT going to sit in a house for fuck knows how long for someone to scrounge up enough C4 to destroy 10 metal doors. Everything that transpired was fair. YOU fucked up, and YOU got the end result. Sorry if the game just never goes your way, but that’s life. Get used to it. Come back with some actual proof next time before you talk shit. Will investigated the entire thing carefully and found NO evidence of cheating during that event. Pick your arguments, sir, because this is one that you can’t win.

Edit: I’m going to start running FRAPS on every session now, because it is obvious that some people can’t accept the truth until it hits them in the face.
Oh yea, and the majority of players I meet on the server have been friendly. How am I supposed to expect such a cheap way of trapping? No one ever reported you for being a bandit while I was present on the server. No, you guys died, because of your mistake in judgement of the situation.

well, the person (f21michael) that was locked into a room by another user sat there for 2 hours until suiciding. that was one door. no buddies to get him out. does he get admin help? he didn’t last night.

If you walk into a trap that’s your own fault. Even after killing who ever was there your still trapped, and you ether wait for your friends or team to break you or suicide like (f21michael). Not crying to the admin to spawn in C4 to break you out. When as you stated, “when everyone comes out and says they don’t have enough C4 to blow 10 metal doors…” that admin should not break you out because of your own stupidity, and you should suicide because that’s the game. Not spawning in items to make you more powerful aka. cheating.

Hey there, I’m Jazz’s friend in question.

Here’s what I recollect. I wasn’t recording this, so I don’t have proof, just putting that out.

You were near/in our house (didn’t see you), asking for a friend and repeatedly asking if anyone was home. Jazz lead you upstairs while locking all the doors behind, and you two came into the room I was in.

Jazz shot almost a full clip of M4 shots straight into your head/upper body, I saw the whole thing head-on. You looked up and killed Jazz in a quick spray. I grabbed Jazz’s stuff and d/c’d, and when we came back to our house every single door and storage container was C4’d.

Whether this was lag, and if lag can negate an entire M4 clip, I don’t know, and frankly it doesn’t matter. My issue is with the response to this issue.

I believe more or less what ACEGAMER said, if you’re trapped, you’re trapped. If you walked into a trap because “How am I supposed to expect such a cheap way of trapping?”, you walked into a trap, sorry. That’s the game.

To add insult to injury, you destroyed all our chests and doors with the spawned C4, effectively destroying everything we had left.

Anyways, what’s done is done, and the admin doing a “careful investigation” doesn’t change my viewpoint. It’s a shame, I guess we’ll be server hunting after the patch.

We won’t be back.

There was zero lag on the server. I heard a ton of shots, which are streamed through the server. There was no lag spike, you made that up. It’s simple, the admins here are shitheads and I know I’m not going to play on their server. Will seems decent but there were a couple other complaints of man teleporting into people’s base.
Another thing about the “instant med kit” bullshit you keep insisting is real, the med kits aren’t instant. Ten minutes before you abused I fell off a cliff and used one. You’re full of shit.

Alright guys, lets all cool this argument. I am so sorry for what has happened, and if I get any other reports of the same player doing this then I will take action. I promise you guys!

I would now like to make an official announcement. Due to the many structures on the server and the new patch being released, we will have a server wipe on Monday, December 23rd. We have had some other comments and suggestions that have helped me improve the server, and close structures and cities should not be built due to mass raidings! Please let me know of any questions and comments you have, and I will respond ASAP. Have a wonderful day!

PS: Sorry for the many restarts! Many people are getting Steam Auth Failures. It will be fixed soon!

Look, if Will said he could help me get out. Then I’ll take advantage of it. I didn’t need to cry or bitch for it. You all can claim what you like, but it will not help your case. You all lost in a fair fight and you can’t change that.

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You were not around when this happened. You CANNOT be counted as a witness to defend.

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Your recollection further proves there was severe lag. I started shooting by the first shot. He died and that was it. Game over. Have fun looking for a new server. Good day.

Look guys, this is just one incident. If it happens again, I will take immediate action. There were high pings throughout the day, and this situation could not be confirmed with sufficient evidence. Thanks!

NOTE TO ALL PLAYERS: I have announced the wipe on Monday, December 23rd. However, I might have to force wipe the server when the new patch comes out.

Yes, if in such a situation that the admin offers to break you out of the fort I see most people taking that offer. But regardless destroying one wall to get out should have been enough. Not destroying over 10 hard earned metal doors and all of their stuff in the process. But with the new patch coming out and the server wipe none of this even matters now does it. So I wish you the best after the update and, hope that you learn one day that if you are truly a fair person/gamer you will not be such the fucking piece of shit you truly are when your stupidity puts you in that situation again to other people. Good day.

Thank you for your kind and civilized words. They clearly show your intelligence in an argument. I wish the best to you and I hope that you guys can take the fact of a loss in a small video game next time. Best wishes and Merry Christmas!
, TheManInUrPC a.k.a. “the fucking piece of shit I truly am”

P.S. Yes, you are a person of kind words.

Strong suggestion? No admin intervention. At all.

I think PC’s entitled behavior is a direct consequence of your actions. This is actually a severe problem with any state-backed institution of enforcement:

No spawning loot. No spawning c4s. No spawning drops. No “testing” metal structures. Playing the game with an account other than your admin account. Playing “fair.”

And you know what I’m talking about with regard to PC. I saw him abusing the shit out of your other players. Regardless of whether or not he’s a “hero,” he’s treating your other users like shit and running a witch hunt comparable to The Crucible and the Salem witch trials on which it was based. He’s a pretty conniving Abigail, if you know what I mean.

I’ll stick through the patch, but if this continues I’m going to be extremely, extremely disappointed. I’m pretty sure any group of competent people could handle this task without the admin intervention.

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(and also, just saying, if the chats are any indicator, “Hero Town” had many more than the 30 c4 required to open those doors - just sayin’)