The l4d character materials

I dunno what they are really called, but is there anywhere i can find (in my files) the characters in the different poses to put them on the movie poster, or do i just have to cut them out myself?

Maybe, maybe not. Try looking through the GCF (particularly in the VGUI folder) to see if Valve has any thing like that. If not, cut 'em.

Go into your left 4 dead sdk, go into source model viewer, find the characters, and print screen on the pose you want.

There was a movie-poster-pack where someone had already done the work of cutting them out of the existing movie posters. Search around on Google and

Here you go

Thank you so much! I made my poster now :smiley:

The background was made in paint this morning XP The little frownie guys are supposed to be zombies lol, and something fucked up with Louis’ outline but whatever, i’ll start on the map sometime.

Zoey’s giving Louis a weird look.

Zoey does look like she wants to kill louis…but then i don’t blame her. It’s always Louis who runs shooting at the witch.